How to Write Your First E-book with No Writing Experience

In order to write an E-book in 30 days without any writing experience, one has to do things differently. A month is more than enough if well managed. Below is a guide that can be used to come up with an E-book that will be of quality. E-books are becoming popular today making them a good source of income.  In 2017 when I published my first E-book and again in 2020 with my second E-book, I was filled with the excitement of finally accomplishing a goal I had worked on for months.

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It is true that anybody can write an E-book even without any writing experience. However, quality work will always be appreciated. An E-book should be able to deliver the intended message without any confusion.

In order to write an E-book in 30 days without any writing experience, one has to do things differently.  The good news is, a month is more than enough if well managed. This helpful guide can be used to come up with your quality E-book!

Day 1: Research Ideas

Writing an E-book is not a willy-nilly job. There has to be a plan and it starts with having the ideas first. Do a quick and thorough research of what your audience wants. The fastest way to do this is through social media platforms. Pay attention to pain points and what topics have the most engagement. Keeping in mind you are on a 30-day deadline, the research can about two days.

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Day 3: Organize

Now that you have ideas written down, it is time to organize the workflow.

  • Where does the book begin?
  • Where does it end?
  • What are the major details you want to convey?
  • Will it be in chapters or sections?

Once you have this information figured out, you are sure that your E-book will have a clean order of events that are easy to follow.

Day 5: Begin Writing

The actual process of writing your content needs more time. For the next 20 or so days, you should be focused on finishing the book. Depending on how fast you write, you can divide your work in a way that is bearable and effective. For example, consider writing 6 pages or 2000 words a day.

During writing time, it is best to:

  1. Turn off any distractions
  2. Know what time of the day you can get most of the work done
  3. Take breaks to avoid demoralization
  4. Write! Don't worry about editing at this point. You will save time and accomplish more.

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Day 25: Go through the E-book for the first time

If you have followed the above steps, you are nearly through. In fact, your E-book is drafted.  Congratulations!  Now you'll need to go through the draft while checking for

  • Is there missing information?
  • Is there repeated information?
  • Do the ideas flow well?

Doing all this work can take the next three days, up to 28th.  At this stage, editing is not your main agenda.  However, if you come across any spelling or grammar errors, you can correct them.

Day 28: Proofread and Make the Final Changes

Until now, there are only two days left. It is during the last two days that you proofread for any grammatical errors, missing words and edit out any confusing information. Also, within the two days, you can write the table of contents, any additional pages, and an “About the Author” page. Make sure the titles and headings attract the readers and keep them excited to read to the end of your book.  Lastly, ensure your E-book has a call to action. At the end of these two days, you have completed your first E-book!

Final Thoughts on Your First E-Book

With time and dedication, there is no doubt your E-book can be completed within a month, even without any writing experience. If you are knowledgeable or passionate about a topic, consider writing about it!  Turn your interest and life experience into cash with your first E-book.  I'm here cheering you on!

What is holding you back from writing your first E-book? Leave a comment!

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