Best 10 Remote Amazon Work from Home Jobs You Can Do Virtually

Have you ever wanted to know how to find remote work at home jobs at Amazon? If you have then this is the post for you.

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I am going to share with you the best remote Amazon work from home jobs and also side hustles that you can create for yourself through Amazon that you can sign up for today.

We all know that Amazon is one of the biggest tech companies and e-commerce sites in the world, bearing that in mind, you can assume that they have a number of online jobs available.

Amazon online jobs can be found in various divisions of the company such as IT, Customer Service, Fulfillment, Marketing, and these types of remote jobs are growing more and more as Amazon moves into other types of businesses.

Amazon Work from Home Criteria

To be able to qualify for an online Amazon job there are certain criteria that will need to be fulfilled, such as:

  • Have a computer and high-speed internet
  • A quiet place to work
  • Some technical skills
  • Great communication skills
  • Be able to multi-task
  • Be flexible and have great time management skills
  • Interest in Amazon products

Remote Amazon Work from Home Jobs

Salary and working hours vary depending on the job you can do. Some of the jobs available range from full-time, and part-time jobs, gig-type work to earn a little extra cash while others can be completely passive. Just have a look on to find the ideal work from home position that suits your skills.

#1 – IT Division

Within the Amazon IT division you can work virtually as a Software Developer, Systems Developer a troubleshooter for any technical issues and do this from your home office.

#2 – Amazon Care

In case you were not aware, Amazon has a health and safety division and sometimes has remote openings such as Medical Coding Specialists and Patient Safety Officers. The pay range for these type of remote jobs are very competitive and you can earn around $50 per hour. Just go to, search under work from home and select the medical category.

#3 – Remote Customer Service

The most familiar work from home Amazon job is as a Customer Service Agent. These positions are usually available but tend to open up more during the seasonal months. This can be via phone, email or livechat. Make sure to check if these at home positions are available where you are located as there are some restrictions.

#4 – Amazon Devices

You are probably aware that Amazon has a range of its own products such as the Amazon FiresStick, Ring, Echo, Kindle, and of course Alexa along with Amazon Basics and Amazon Smart products.

This is where you’ll be able to find online jobs that can help customers with technical help on how to use or troubleshoot their Amazon devices and also assist customers to develop a long-term relationship with all Amazon products and services. 

If you have knowledge of smart Amazon items, are a great communicator, and already have years of experience as virtual customer support then this is an excellent department to work for. You will be given additional training to be fully up to date on all their appliances and new gadgets. Go here to search Amazon jobs.

#5 – Amazon Associate Affiliate Program

This is a super simple passive way to earn money from Amazon. If you have a social media following or have a YouTube channel or a blog you can earn commission through the Amazon Associates affiliate program as a total beginner.

It’s super easy to join and commission rates range from 1% up to 20%. Although this might seem low Amazon has such a large worldwide audience and is a highly recognized and trusted ecommerce site that the success rate of earning  from this affiliate program is very high. 

#6 – Amazon Influencer Program

Very similar to the Amazon Associates program but this is for those who have a large social following. When you sign up for the Amazon influencer program you get a dedicated Amazon page where you can recommend your favorite items.

#7 – Amazon Flex

If you are more of the outdoor type and need a more flexible option to make extra money, you can set your own hours by working with Amazon Flex delivering packages with your own transport. The rates start from $18 per hour. Check if the Amazon Flex service is available in your country.

#8 – Kindle Direct Publishing

KDP as it’s also known is the publishing arm of Amazon. If you have a love for writing and want to promote an ebook then KDP is the perfect platform for you to sell your ebook. 

You get the chance to self-publish, set your own price and become a published author much quicker than using the traditional methods. The other benefit is that you make a larger percentage of royalties.

#9 – ACX

If you have a distinctive sounding voice you can provide a voiceover service to ACX which is another division of Amazon. This platform allows authors to find suitable voiceover actors to narrate books that can then be sold on Amazon Audible.

All you need to do is register with ACX and record a few voice samples and you can make offers on published authors who require narrators and voice actors.

#10 – Amazon Handmade

Do you have the talented skills of making unique crafts? If yes, you can get your products featured on Amazon Handmade. Similar to Etsy, every item you sell Amazon will take a percentage for using their platform.

Final Thoughts

Being able to work from home for Amazon is a great opportunity. Make sure to only search their legitimate job site for genuine Amazon jobs to avoid online scams.

A lot of the online openings are at various global locations. Please select your country when applying to see what jobs are available to you.

It’s very easy to apply for a remote position with Amazon. If you already have an Amazon account you can easily receive notifications of suitable work from jobs. once you update your profile on

So if you have the right criteria and skills or want to start your own online business you can do it through the many options available through the Amazon platform.

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