8 Legit Online Side Hustles for Teens: Start These Jobs Today!

Did you know you can keep your teen busy with side hustles? Many teens are looking to gain more independence and fill their time with a profitable part-time job or side hustle. Instead of your child having to ask you for money all the time, they can begin to earn their own money.

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Most of these side hustles for teens are flexible and will accommodate school and extra-curricular schedules. If your teen has free time during the weekends or evenings, they can earn extra money with a flexible side hustle. Here are 8 legit side hustles for teens to try.

1. Babysit

Babysitting is a great way for a teen to start earning money. If they have younger siblings they have most likely already experienced watching kids younger than them. Babysitting is a service that is needed in every city because parents have to work and provide for their families.

One very well-known way to land childcare jobs is on Care.com. It’s easy to get started and you can register right on their website. The babysitters and nannies on care.com set their own hourly wages. The average babysitters in my area charge between $12-$25 per hour. Applicants can’t become a member of the Care.com team until they turn 18-years-old. 

Your teen can always find their own babysitting gigs by asking around. I have a friend who's daughter made business cards and passed them out to friends and family to get paying babysitting gigs.

2. Tutor

High school or first-year college students can decide to tutor as a side hustle. If teens have success in a particular subject they can tutor other students to be successful as well. Tutorcare offers a few different ways to start earning: answering homework questions, online tutoring sessions, uploading tutorials, and in-person tutoring sessions.

Tutorcare is a place to grow a career as well. Tutors can be selected as long term tutors or actually hired on as a Tutorcare employee. Tutorcare offers training for free to help improve skills. 

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3. Answer Surveys

One simple legit side hustle for teens involves taking surveys online. Make sure the survey site pays you for each survey you complete. You may earn cash or points that can be redeemed for gift cards. Sites like SurveySavvy allow teens to begin making money at 13-years old. Since 1999, SurveySavvy has been a place to make cash by simply sharing an opinion

The information you provide when creating your profile will help match you with their clients. Once you earn $1, you are eligible to start receiving payments. Payments are typically made by check and are sent to the address on file. Taking surveys online won't make you rich, but it's a fun and easy way for your teen to make some extra money. I always recommend signing up for additional survey sites to increase your earnings. 

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4. Playing Games

Video games are a fun way to enjoy time at home and talk with friends. They also can be a way to make money. Popular games have tournaments open throughout the year. Players can enter these tournaments and try and win prize money. There is typically an entry fee to get into the tournament. It can be well worth it though if you are one of the top finishers and leave the tournament with cash. 

People also love looking up YouTubers to try and get tips and tricks on their favorite games. So starting a YouTube channel can be another great way to earn, even though it may not be right away.

 Twitch is a platform for gamers to stream their content live. It’s a place where millions of gamers can watch and chat with each other. Starting at 13 years old users can start an account, under the supervision of a parent or guardian. You build a following and get subscribers to your channel. Subscribers pay each month and you split that money with Twitch 50/50. 

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5. Freelance Writing

Freelance writers can start as early as child or teen years. Sites like Frostfire Worlds and Youth Imagination accept articles or stories from teens. Stories on Youth Imagination pa $8 for short stories and $15 for long stories. Frostfire Worlds accepts poems, stories, art, and articles. 

Submissions shouldn’t have fancy headers or footers, text colors, or fonts. Submissions should have 1-inch margins, be single-spaced, and have extra space between paragraphs.  

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6. Pet Walking or Sitting

People will pay teens to walk dogs and watch their pets. Some people may not be able to care for their pets throughout the day due to work, travel, or other circumstances. A nice place to start looking for pet sitting or dog walking jobs is in your own community. Some neighbors would be happy to pay someone they know to watch over their animal.

Since some teens are not old enough to drive this will be perfect because the house might be walking distance. There are also platforms like Care.com and Rover that allow teens to set up profiles. This is a place to share pet sitting or walking experiences and showcases references. Sitters are encouraged to set their own rates. A good reference would be seeing what others in your area are charging. 

7. Deliver Newspapers

A job that has been an option for teens for years is delivering newspapers. Local newspapers pay to have papers delivered to customers’ doorsteps. It’s something that is only needed a few days a week when new issues come out. Some are delivered in the morning while others are handed out in the afternoon.

Teens can use their bikes to deliver because routes are typically assigned in sections. If parents would rather drive their children around themselves that is an option as well. Rain, snow, or sunshine newspapers need to be delivered so keep that in mind. 

8. Website Testing

Teens can also be paid to test websites. You typically have to be at least 18 years old to use most sites. The sites that users look at want reviews that would provide helpful feedback in terms of improving the user experience on their website. Userfeel and UTest are just a few of the platforms out there that pay people to review websites. Payments are made through PayPal. The amount users can earn make per test varies by test and website. When new tests are available users will get a notification sent to the email they have on file.

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Teens can make money from side hustles in many different ways. Even though the experience may not be there, teens can still make their own spending money. These jobs can help teens learn the importance of work and know the more you put into the more profitable it can be. 


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