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Selling your pre-written articles is a great way to earn quick cash easily. If you are able to write quality articles on a topic of your choice, you can put them for sale on various different article marketplaces and make money for each article sold. Please read on to learn more about the site, ArticleSale and how everything works.

What is ArticleSale? is a marketplace where article writers post unique articles for clients to purchase. It is 100% free for both buyers and sellers. ArticleSale gets hundreds of thousands of targeted visitors through search engines and other channels.

The articles are posted through various categories such as entertainment, fashion, fitness, business, real estate, sports, and much more.

How Does ArticleSale Work?

Article writers can put their pre-written high quality and unique articles on for sale. After you have logged on the site, put your pre-written articles up for sale for buyers to purchase them directly from you. Your articles are available 24/7 for ArticleSale to promote.  You can sell an article only once and once sold, the buyer receives exclusive rights to the article.

Buyers can browse, search through categories or use the search box to find what they need. They can narrow down their search according to the seller’s feedback.

ArticleSale gives you your very own profile page which lists all of the articles you have posted on the site for sale. You can promote your profile page through your own blog or site and social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

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How Can You Start Selling Articles?

It is simple to start selling articles using You will create a profile and  PayPal account in order to start selling. When you post an article on for sale, they make it available to buyers from around the world to buy it directly from you.

Once you have sold an article, the buyer has full and exclusive rights to the article purchased. You cannot sell PLR articles here. The articles you want to sell should be 100% unique and well-written in English. Create your ArticleSale account in order to start selling your pre-written articles up for sale. Registration on the site is free of charge.

How Do You Get Paid?

You get paid via PayPal. When a buyer buys an article from you, ArticleSale automatically receives payment from the buyer for the article purchased and delivers it to the buyer. The buyer directly pays you via PayPal. When an article by you is sold, you will be notified by email.

How To Get Started?

If you are an article writer and looking for a place to put your articles for sale, register on ArticleSale as a seller to start selling your pre-written articles online.

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