Top High-Paying Work from Home Jobs

Have you ever wondered how much money you can make from home? There is literally a wide variety of part-time or full-time work options to choose from whether you have experience or are a beginner. While some jobs are low effort and may pay less, other opportunities like these are high-paying and may not even require a ton of experience.

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This allows more people to earn a full-time income from the comfort of their own homes. In recent years, companies have been expanding their employee requirements to allow more people to work remotely.

If you're looking for the best high-paying work from home jobs to consider, here's a breakdown of what your options are and where you can find work.

What Are the Best Paying Industries For Work From Home Jobs?

1. Medical Billing and Coding

One industry that will always be in demand is the medical field. People need quality healthcare and you don't have to be a doctor or nurse to help. Medical billing and coding work involves working closely with healthcare providers and insurance companies to keep track of patients' medical records and make sure their insurance providers are getting billed accurately.

This is a well-paying work at home job that several companies hire for. You may need a year or two of experience to start working, but some companies will also train you.

If you are looking for home medical jobs, learn more here.

2. Audiobook Narrator

If anyone has ever told you that you have a nice clear voice, you may be able to monetize it. As an audiobook narrator, you'll simply be turning print and digital books into audio files by reading them word for word in your lovely voice.

Audiobook narrators make up to $33 per hour and this can be a fun and relaxing job that allows pays you to read new books as well.

3. Tutor/Teacher

Do you love to teach and help others understand information and concepts? Even if you don't have a teaching degree, you can earn money by teaching English online or tutoring. You can earn an average of $20 per hour to teach and tutor students, with some companies paying more or less.

In addition to high pay, online tutors and teachers can often work flexibly. VIPKid is one company that allows you to set your own schedule. If this is important to you, be sure to pay attention to each company's expectations. There are so many opportunities out there for you!

Check out more online tutoring jobs.

4. Writer

Contrary to popular belief, writing can be one of the most profitable high-paying work from home jobs. Content writing is another field that will always be around as people are constantly consuming content on multiple platforms.

If you enjoy writing, you can offer your services as a freelancer or apply to work remotely with a company. When it comes to making money as an entry-level writer, your writing samples may often speak louder than your experience. See if you can contribute content to some websites or news outlets to build up a portfolio before you seek out jobs. Check out these 25 top sites.

You can also search for high-paying writing gigs on sites like:

5. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant or VA is someone who provides virtual secretary and admin tasks that can vary depending on the client. VAs can typically make anywhere from $15 to $25+ per hour depending on the task and experience.

The great thing about being a VA is that you can choose a niche to specialize in. Some people hire VAs to do administrative tasks to help them schedule meetings, check emails, or make appointments. Other clients need help managing their blog content or social media. However, if you only want to do social media work, you can become an expert in that area. You can even narrow things down further and provide services on one particular platform. For instance, Pinterest VAs can earn a full-time income by creating and scheduling pins for clients.

Check out these 12 companies that hire virtual assistants.

6. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists take audio and video content and turn it into text. To do this work, you need to be able to type efficiently and transcribe in a timely manner while making few errors.

There are several companies that hire contractors to perform transcription work. You'll typically get paid a flat rate per audio minute that you transcribe rather than being paid hourly.

Learn more about home-based transcription jobs here.

Where to Look For Online Jobs

Finding a legitimate work from home job is not as difficult as you may think. You can start with job boards if you wish. These will round up the best current work from home job listings and you may even be able to apply right from the site.

Some job board sites are free while others may cost to sign up. Here are some popular job search sites you may want to consider.

Another option is to search Dream Home Based Work. We've researched tons of work from home jobs with creditable companies and have included lots of insider info in our job review posts.

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