20 Money-Making Services Freelancers Can Offer Online

Freelance work is gradually becoming the norm for many people that want a flexible working schedule. There are a number of jobs that freelancers can get online and get paid well for their time and effort! 

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Some of the freelance services that can be offered to clients online include:
There are a number of jobs that freelancers can get online and get good pay when done right. Here's 20 money-making services freelancers can offer online.

1. Writing Online

Writing jobs are the most common jobs freelancers can do online especially if they have experience in creating content for different types of publications. There are two types of writing jobs online and they include article writing which involves the creation of content that is posted on websites and blogs. On the other hand, academic writing requires writers to submit academic projects after researching and compiling information from different sources. This type of writing requires a person that likes research and understands language styles used in academic papers.

To get started, here's a list of companies offering beginner writing jobs.

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2. Virtual Assistant

This job involves offering services similar to an office assistant at a regular job such as receiving and making calls; sending e-mail responses to inquiries made by company clients and arranging the calendar for the boss among others. The tasks are done as part of the job usually depend on the person hiring so that it meets their needs.

To help you gain the experience here's 12 reputable companies that offer virtual assistant jobs.


3. Website Design

Businesses and individuals are always in need of websites to provide information to customers or market their products as well as services. Freelancers that are good at designing websites can offer their services to build one from scratch or upgrade one that is already in existence. Most times, business owners rely on designers to guide them on choosing the best template for their site, which gives them a chance to be creative on the job.

4. Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, there are many services you can offer online such as logo design, illustrations, infographics, posters, flyers, and banner advertisements among others. However, as a freelancer, you need to be very creative if you are to succeed in offering quality design services on a regular basis.

5. Proofreading and Editing

Making sure that regular articles and academic projects have no grammatical or spelling errors is a service required by students or educationists. Therefore, if you are good at picking out errors and making the necessary changes to documents so that they become more comprehensive then this is the job for you. In addition, editing work can even extend to books and online magazines as well.

To help you gain the experience, I've gathered a list of companies that offer proofreading and editing jobs from home.

6. Transcription

Converting audio files into typed content is a service that freelancers can offer companies that need such help as part of their work. The job usually involves listening to files in audio format and then typing out what is contained in them. In some cases, freelancers may be required to translate some of the content from one language to another, before typing it out. TranscribeMe (Read full review) is a great work at home option if you are new to the transcription field.

7. Online Marketing

Marketing of products or services on behalf of companies from different parts of the world on an online platform is a service that freelancers can offer their clients. The marketing can be done through social media or even videos that are posted online as a way of creating awareness for different brands. In most cases, the success of marketing is evaluated on increased traffic to websites or purchase of company products or services.

8. Video and Animation

A majority of companies are communicating with their clients through images and videos, signaling the need for such services online. To meet this need, freelancers can offer services in this area such as creating online commercials and video greetings, editing/post-production of videos, and using 3D technology to produce relevant animations for their clients.

9. Teaching/Tutoring

Academic assistance is always required by students at all levels of education, making tutoring an essential service that can be offered by freelancers. These services are not restricted to professional teachers or lecturers as college students can also tutor classmates that might not be grasping a subject topic very well. Tutor ABC and Tutor.com  are almost always looking for talented online tutors.

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10. Customer Service

Offering support to customers of a company as part of their home-based staff is a service that is required by many organizations. Freelancers can choose to work as independent contractors or be directly hired as chat support agents. In most cases, these jobs have training which makes it easier to represent a company’s interests in the best way possible.

Here's where you will find 25 companies that offer work at home customer service jobs.

11. Online Consulting

People often seek advice on different aspects of their life online and are willing to pay for the most effective ones. Freelancers that are experienced in areas such as law, business finance, and market research can provide information to queries in these areas for an agreed remuneration.

12. User Testing

For a website to be effective in reaching its audience, it needs to be tested by online users before being launched. Freelancers can be the ones testing out the websites and giving feedback on any changes that need to be made so that it meets the required standards.

To get started, here's a list of reputable website testing companies I've gathered to help you gain the experience.

13. Audio Services

Freelancers can offer their musical skills as a service to various online clients as per their needs. Some of the ways they can do this are through the creation of jingles, sound effects, and voiceovers. Also, those with more technical knowledge on audio can offer services such as mixing and mastering, production, and composing of songs for clients.

14. Mobile App Creation

As technology advances, the need for applications that are tailor-made for smartphones and handheld devices is on the rise. If you have skills in building mobile applications, you can offer your services to individuals as well as companies that would like to have an application made for their business.

15. Online Advertising

Creating awareness of products or services on online platforms through advertising is a service that freelancers can offer many online users. The advertising can be done through promotion of banners, recommendations of sites through advert placement, and affiliate marketing among others.

16. Career Advice

If you have good knowledge of how the job market works and can offer tips to job seekers on the best way to land jobs, then you can offer career advice services online. Freelancers that provide such advice are usually in demand from students and employees worldwide.

17. Typing Services

Fast typing skills are an asset in the online world because of the many jobs that require expertise. Some of the jobs that freelancers with the skill can do include data entry, typing out of academic projects, and transcription among others.

To help you gain the typing experience, here's a list of online tools that allow you to practice your typing skills completely free.

18. Writing Reviews

Giving their opinion on different products is another service that freelancers can offer different websites at a fee. Since many online users rely on reviews posted on sites before making any purchases, many companies are looking for freelancers to write them on their behalf.

19. Research Services

Website owners are always looking for ways in which they can highlight the information on their site so that they are easily picked up by search engines. To make things easier for them, freelancers can offer services in domain research and keyword research to provide information that they can use to improve their sites.

20. Online Business Coach

Providing business tips and walking them through a crisis is a service freelancers with business knowledge can offer to owners at a fee. The information provided can include the creation of business plans, employee relations, and handling business finances among others.

Final Words on Freelancers

In conclusion, freelancers are able to make money from the numerous opportunities that have been made available on the internet. However, getting people to buy the services may take time but eventually, it will pay off, if you keep at it. Ashlee shares some fresh ideas for freelancers who want to offer services that are unique. Read her full article over at Work from Home Happiness.

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