How To Work from Home as a Remote Virtual Assistant for Boldly

One of the popular ways to make money from home using your skills and expertise is as a virtual assistant. 

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The company I’m talking about is Boldly. They have helped thousands of people find fulfilling and flexible premium remote jobs to earn money from home. If this has peaked your interest keep on reading to find out more in this detailed Boldly review.

What is Boldly?

Boldly is a highly regarded virtual executive assistant company that hires long-term executive assistants to work with companies remotely from the US, CAN and UK and some parts of Europe. 

To become part of this premium team, the virtual assistants selected are of the highest caliber in their field and have the opportunity to choose jobs relating to things they are actually passionate about. 

Please note however that considering Boldly hires from a specific shortlisted number of persons you must be very capable in your area of work and have at least 7 years of professional, corporate experience. 

So, if you are a senior executive administrator with quality experience in areas of sales, marketing, project development, administration and more, you have a greater chance of being hired. 

All the positions offered and posted are 100% remote so no need to worry about being too far across the globe to get your work done. This also gives you greater flexibility to travel around the world as there will be no sudden meetings that you are needed to attend in a physical workspace.

This is great if you happen to be a military spouse as the flexibility and opportunities at Boldly are ideal for those sudden location changes.

You also have the choice to work part-time or full-time and the minimum starting hours is for 25 hours per week.

Must-Haves to Work at Boldly

There are key things that you must have before considering working with Boldly as a virtual assistant. This includes key skills and essential tools.

  • You must have at least 7 years of experience within your professional field.
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Great time management
  • Must be reliable, discrete and trustworthy
  • Have a friendly personality
  • Have fast and reliable internet
  • A laptop or PC with the latest antivirus, Windows 10 or MacOS with Microsoft Office installed
  • Have strong knowledge of cloud-based technologies eg. Google Workspace, Microsoft Office Suite, Zoom, Asana, Trello, LastPass
  • Be able to quickly learn new concepts

How Do I Start Working with Boldly?

To begin working with Boldly you need to consider the type of company and client you would like to work with.

You will need to complete an online application and make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.

Boldly allows you to select the kind of job and company you would like to work for from the listings. 

Depending on your experience or preference, you can choose to work for a Fortune 500 company, a non-profit organization or even a locally-based landscaping business, or a complete mixture. It’s totally up to you.

As Boldly has a very strong reputation there is actually a waiting list of clients looking to hire highly-skilled virtual assistants. Boldly lists these W2 positions knowing that you legitimately have the relevant skills and qualifications through a thorough interview and screening process. 

The next step once you have gone through the application process is to successfully start working with Boldly but you will need to take part in a paid onboarding process and choose a company to work with from the list provided. This takes around 3 days.

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In Which States are Jobs Available?

Jobs from Boldly tend to be open to all persons in all the states in the US except for a few. These are Hawaii, Alaska and Washington D.C. As a US citizen you can also be located elsewhere in the world.

How Much Do You Make?

Exclusive workers are able to earn between $24 and $28 per hour and payment is made directly to your bank account. These figures however can be subject to change and/or increase depending on your level of experience and where you are currently living. 

Just like a regular job, you are able to get paid holidays, maternity and paternity leave, sick leave and many other benefits. See the list below for all that Boldly offers it’s employees. 

I’m sure these are the kinds of comforting benefits you have been searching for when wanting to work from home. 

What Are the Benefits at Boldly?

On their website they list a whole range of benefits:

  • All employees receive paid holidays plus maternity and paternity leave
  • All employees whether part or full-time can participate in 401k with matched employer contributions
  • Full-time Boldy employees receive medical, dental and vision insurance
  • All remote staff receive a quarterly tech stipend for equipment and internet costs
  • You can take part in paid wellness events
  • There are opportunities for promotion within the company

Pros and Cons of Working with Boldly


The pros of working with this online based platform are that:

  1. As a remote worker you are a W2 employee with benefits and not an independent contractor
  2. You will get to meet the executives before working with them
  3. The pay rate for the remote jobs is very competitive
  4. You are able to develop new and useful skills along the way as you get to see more of what the different industries have to offer
  5. The company is highly rated on Glassdoor and Indeed and been given a 4.8 out of 5
  6. It is said you are able to create a good work/life balance
  7. You’ll be able to collaborate and grow with the Boldly team
  8. Being a military spouse is not seen as a disadvantage


There are a few downsides to working with Boldly and it may cause some of you to consider working elsewhere but don’t give up. The process will be worth it:

  1. To qualify for work with Boldly you need to have at least 7 years experience in a professional field. 
  2. Your knowledge of using the proper cloud-based software tools to complete jobs must be on point to get things done in a timely manner.

What jobs are available at Boldly?

Openings range from Executive Assistants, Legal Assistant, Marketing Assistants, Project Managers and is not just for the typical administrator.

If you want to apply then you should definitely try it out. There are great clients, the jobs are rewarding and the flexibility of working virtually sounds awesome.

Right now there are some open positions that need filling and you might just be the ideal candidate. Get your LinkedIn profile updated and start the application process now. 

  1. Boldly is seeking an Executive Assistant
  2. A Bilingual Executive Assistant

Final Thoughts

Boldly is a legitimate work from home website that helps many to find online job opportunities in the US and the UK.

The jobs do go very fast so get your application filled out and sent as soon as possible for processing. If the job you originally wanted has been filled don’t worry more will be uploaded. Just ensure to frequent their website for more details. Good Luck!

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