Review: Now Hiring Work from Home Reservation Specialists

Do you have an interest in the travel industry or experience as a customer service representative? Do you have travel agent experience but now want to work from home? Well, this detailed company review will help you. 

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While searching for reliable websites with work from home positions I came across a company called Hotel Planner. 

After doing some research into what they’re about and what they offer, I’m pleased to share that this review post will definitely be of interest to you. 

So if you’re good in areas of sales and marketing working with Hotel Planner might be a side or main job that you’d want to consider. 

What is Hotel Planner?

First of all, Hotel Planner is a website used by people all around the globe to make hotel reservations. 

This company has been operating successfully for over 19 years and remain one of the best websites for those who love to travel. 

Hotel Planner specializes in booking trips for both small and large groups. This can include sports teams, dream destination weddings, reunions, church events, weekend getaways, tours and also professional events or settings like work conferences. 

How to Qualify for a Work from Home Position?

Work from home jobs that are available at Hotel Planner are reservations specialists. But there are a few things you need to have or add to your list before applying. 

  • You must have good quality high-speed internet
  • A compatible laptop or PC, and must use the Chrome Browser
  • Reliable noise canceling headset with a microphone. 

These are essential for carrying out the job. You will also need to be a great communicator as you will be speaking to worldwide clients. You can watch this helpful guide.

It’s not listed in their description that living in the US is a requirement so it is not clear whether positions are open to persons residing in different countries or certain states but if you are multilingual that would be to your advantage. 

After you’ve gained all the right tools for yourself and have successfully applied and been approved, it’s time for the next step. 

You will have to complete a training program that will help to guide you on how to use the reservations system to begin booking hotels for different clients. 

A background check will be conducted but all this is done at the expense of the company.

As a qualified reservations specialist once you sign on to the website, you will receive calls from different customers seeking assistance to make reservations. Any calls you receive will be through your headset using the Chrome browser. 

Where Do I Apply?

To apply for a remote position, visit the Hotel Planner website and complete the online registration and follow the additional requested steps. 

Worried that you may have issues because you’re not fluent in English? Don’t worry there are several languages available on the website such as Italian, French, Portuguese, Turkish and much more. 

Does Hotel Planner Provide Training?

As mentioned previously, Hotel Planner does provide training for new work from home staff. 

This takes place once you complete the application process and have been approved to work. Training is provided which usually lasts no more than a day. But please note that no payment is issued for the training period. 

When Does Hotel Planner Pay Workers?

The method by which Hotel Planner pays workers is quite simple. It is commission-based. 

If you are able to use persuasive skills to provide in-depth and descriptive details about a hotel destination that is perfect for an individual or  group, chances are you’ll land a lot of bookings. 

For every booking you complete you will earn a commission once the guests check out. 

Hotel Planner pay out twice per month via direct deposit or cheque. The rate per hour ranges from $10 to $30 USD per hour, however, these are subject to change based on your sales performance. 

Unlike some jobs that offer additional benefits, unfortunately, working with Hotel Planner as a work from home agent is classified as an independent contractor so you are responsible for paying your own taxes and purchasing your own private benefits. 

The key is to use your training, communication skills and experience in sales to land more bookings and increase your service ratings. This will boost more callers your way which results in increasing your commissions to do with as you wish. 

Pros and Cons of Working with Hotel Planner 

Based on the reviews seen on Glassdoor there are a number of pros and cons of working with Hotel Planner. 


  • This is a remote position so you’re able to operate from the comfort of your own home. 
  • You’re able to create your own schedule so if you have a main job, you can arrange your hours at your own convenience.
  • As the position is commission-based the more clients you book the more money you make.
  • There is the ability to make a decent living working with Hotel Planner and to improve your skills. There are also weekly training sessions available.


  • A review stated that even though the company states that you earn a particular amount from a booking after the client has checked out, the commission for the group rate is actually fixed. 
  • Sometimes the hours can be quite difficult, especially with very demanding customers. 
  • Even though you are able to select your hours the amount of calls you will receive is not guaranteed and you may not secure all the bookings. 
  • If you have a full-time job is is advisable not to give it up until you become familiar with the Hotel Planner platform as additional income as a full-time income cannot be guaranteed. So, try not to quit your regular job until you can see how much income you can potentially earn from this job. 
  • Sadly, people have stated that there is little to no growth opportunities. 

Final Thoughts

Working with Hotel Planner is a great way to make extra cash but if you are seeking a full-time job this is not the best place to start as pay can be inconsistent at times. 

However, if you are simply seeking a way to earn some extra cash during your spare time or to gain some experience in sales you can do so on the Hotel Planner platform. 

I hope this review was able to cover most if not all the questions you had about working with Hotel Planner and if you found this work from home review helpful make sure to share it with others.

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