Best 10 Work from Home Jobs That Provide Paid Training

Today, I’m going to share with you the best work from home jobs that provide paid training.

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Some of the great things about working from home is being able to work on your own schedule choosing your own hours and being your own boss. But what if you don’t have enough confidence or experience or even the right set of skills to do the job? 

The whole point of you wanting to work from home is to make money and save money on commuting, so now that you know that there are job opportunities that will pay you while you receive the necessary training let’s find out which companies provide on the job paid training.

List of Work-from-Home Companies That Offer Paid Training


There is no need to query whether this global company is legitimate. Amazon has a range of work from home jobs based all over the world. For their customer-focused positions, although remote may only be in certain locations so make sure to check that there is availability where you live. Paid training is provided over a 4-week period.


This is a well-known company that offers work at home jobs with paid virtual training. Teleperformance has a WAH/Cloud Campus that has virtual classes and one-to-one coaching to teach you all the necessary tasks that will prepare you for your remote job. You must have a high-speed internet connection and they even provide you with equipment too.


InboxDone is a company that handles the email management of business owners. To do this they provide paid training and outsource their clients’ inbox to virtual email management assistants. No experience is required as you will receive fully paid training but you must have a strong command of English, good communication skills and be a very conscientious person.

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American Express

American Express frequently recruits virtual customer care professionals. To work with them you must have experience within the customer care field. They provide paid training and also as an extra benefit pay towards your monthly internet bill. Make sure to always check regularly for open vacancies. Go here to learn more about working at American Express.


The world-famous Hyatt hotels offer remote jobs for customer service representatives from time to time. The great thing about their work at home vacancies is that they not only offer to pay for some of the equipment such as a computer and headset but also provide 14 weeks of paid training.

There are also other well-known hotels that offer remote jobs with paid training such as the Marriott and even the Hilton hotel that have work at home opportunities like customer service agents, reservation agents, customer care coordinators and even technical work at home positions.


If you’re a fan of Apple products, you can work at home as a Remote Apple Home Advisor. After an in-depth virtual 7-week paid training you will learn about the technical aspects of certain Apple devices and be able to comfortably assist with any technical, marketing, or after-sales queries from Apple customers.


Alorica is a global company that provides customer support to numerous companies. The Alorica hiring process includes virtual-style classroom training which is paid once you are offered a remote customer service agent online job. Read full work at home review.


Another company that has remote customer service representative jobs is Sykes. A great benefit of working with Sykes is that they have benefits such as medical, dental, and vision along with paid training jobs. You must have great communication to be able to accept calls from customers and enjoy being on the phone. Read full review here.


This customer support company, Concentrix, has been offering work at home positions since 2004 with globally located remote workers. To work with them you must have good internet service, be organized, disciplined, focused, a good communicator, and personable. If you have these characteristics once selected you will receive 3 weeks of paid training. Read full review here.


This world-leading educational platform offers online learning and you can work from home or from anywhere as an online education specialist. With Pearson, you can easily do remote jobs with paid training. Positions vary and are based all over the world. There are remote sales positions as remote Associates or Program Directors and many other online services.

Final Thoughts on Work from Home Jobs That Provide Paid Training

As you go on your search for work from home jobs make sure to keep an eye out for jobs that train you while you work. As they say, time is money and if you can save and make money by receiving on the job instruction then that's a great benefit.

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