10 Work at Home Options for Mothers of Toddlers

Being a mother is one of the world’s greatest joys I believed. But then my child screamed at an old man because he was wearing a yellow shirt. (He doesn’t like anything in yellow because that’s the color of poop). Toddlers defy most logic you have lived with and feel equally like an angel and Satan in the very same half of the day.

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But at this age, they are slowly learning to become independent. Our child is in an age where they need us to be available for them even when they aren’t around. You never know when the teacher at school would ask you to pick him/her up because he/she doesn’t like her anymore.

Are you a stay at home mom interested in making a lucrative income from home? I've listed 10 of the best options for work-from-home for mothers of toddlers. #moms #wahm #business

The point being, this is the best time to prep up for the job you have been dreaming of. It might sound ridiculous to some of you, but trust me it is totally doable. All we need is a flexible work routine that allows us to be with family and work simultaneously. Don’t say you don’t miss the money and the work because I know you do.

Here are some pointers that worked for me and my mommy friends:

  • The first step would be to find a job that works flexibly and that you enjoy doing.
  • Choose something that works for your core areas. i.e. -Sales, teaching, marketing etc.
  • Figure out if you need childcare or support. (I and my friends help each other when the other’s working, you could make a work-from-home moms community)
  • Brush up your skills well in time and prepare a resume.

Now when you and your family is all prepped up for a working but available you, let us go to the next step.

10 Work at Home Options for Mothers of Toddlers

I have done the research for you and listed 10 of the best options for work-from-home:

Freelance Writing

If you are a creative person this is the job for you.  Today’s generation feeds on content and this hunger is meant to stay. You can do the job while you have time on your hands. There requirements for writers in computer programming, advertisements and magazines. You could try your hands at writing essays for university students. They are short and crisp and allow flexibility.

Home Daycare Career

This is the right option for you if you are good at handling toddlers. It is a win-win for both you and your child. Your child is being taken care of along with his/her new friends. There is nothing better than getting paid for something that you enjoy doing. This job will allow to interact with other mothers who have the same concerns and joys.


Catering/Cake decorating

Having a toddler makes you an expert in a lot of things. If you are the one who makes cakes for all the family dinners, this is the option for you. If you know people enjoy your food and services, then give it a go. Let people outside of family enjoy your food too, while you get paid. You could be a supplier of cupcakes at your kid’s school or a supplier of cakes for birthdays.

Mystery Shopper

This is my personal favorite. I and my kid both being outdoors, luckily. This job requires you to go to a particular shop and check their customer service. It is very important for brands to know how if their workforce is functional and is following the company guidelines. You need to gather all the information that the agency you work with wants to know about. Learn all about how and where to find legitimate mystery shopping jobs.

Graphic Designer

Are you someone who doodles while watching the television or while writing your grocery list? This is a fun job if you can convey ideas through images. If you are a confident artist and are super creative, then this is the job for you. You will have to update yourself with the latest technologies and typographies in the market.

Personal Training

Recognize a niche that you are good at and enjoy doing. It could be your motivation towards life, fitness, guiding clients, teaching or nutrition. This type of job requires you to be available for your client always. This conveniently works for a work-from-home mother, as these are calls that you can take while running your household chores. Learn how to make money as a personal trainer.

Massage Therapist

This job works for you if you have good communication skills and do not mind being on your feet for the most part of the day. Your sense of judgement and perception is very crucial in this job. The pleasure of knowing you eased someone off his/her pain is marvelous.

Health Coach

I was obsessed with losing all the baby fat I gained during pregnancy. I had started looking out for diets and exercises that I could do as a nursing mother. Fitness for mothers is a sector in itself now, thanks to fitness awareness. The dietary requirements and workout restrictions are different from normal diets and workouts. It is only a mother who would understand the amount of strain another mother could take. It feels great knowing that you are helping other mothers get back to shape.


You have a great hold over your grammar and a fast typer then this is the job for you. There are opportunities for transcribing in both legal and medical sectors. This job pays you by lines or words typed. It allows flexible working hours too. You could also try data entry jobs as a beginner.


Yes, an artist. Exotic is not it? Not everyone is blessed with a creative hand, so make the best use of yours. You could be a painter or a crafter. Start making more of them and start selling them to friends and family. You won’t know the value of your masterpiece until it is in the market. Once you have a lot of pieces you could try selling your artistic masterpieces on a more global platform.

You will soon grow to be confident in your job and the toddler will be a little man/little lady. You can always decide to work full time then. So which job do you think will suit you best?

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