How To Find Flexible Online Jobs and Part Time Gigs

Looking for a flexible job that allows you to work whenever you want? Here's several trustworthy resources that provides online jobs and part time gigs.Looking for a work at home job that allows you to work whenever you want? Read on to learn more about these trustworthy resources that provides flexible online jobs and part-time gigs.

Online jobs have become the lifeline of many people that are seeking to increase their income and in turn better their lives. The variety of jobs offered online is continually increasing indicating their demand from those seeking for positions and companies that are hiring them as well. The majority of online jobs are don't require going into a physical office at certain hours, may be a great choice for those seeking flexible job positions. Therefore, if you are looking for part time jobs, then online based ones are the best for you.

Even though the number of online jobs is increasing daily, finding the right one can be a bit overwhelming at first glance. There are thousands of sites that offer jobs that can be done online but not all are genuine and this can be confusing especially if it is your first time to apply for such jobs. However, when on the right websites you can easily get a number of jobs without having to fear whether they are legitimate or not.

Places To Find Flexible Online Jobs and Part Time Gigs

Some of the best sites to get part time gigs as well as online jobs are:

Flex Jobs

Flex jobs is a paid listing site for online jobs that takes out the hassle of finding a position on your own by having them listed on the site. To find a job on the site, you will have to provide some information pertaining to the position you seek to allow them to narrow down the ones that are appropriate for you. They offer a number of jobs in industries such as telecommuting, data entry, freelancing as well as positions in healthcare. Some of the benefits that job seekers get to take advantage of when using the Flex Jobs are quality leads on top jobs that have been verified by their professional staff. They also offer diverse job categories that increase chances of landing a good job on the site. Finally, their website has a resume builder that helps job seekers create a resume that is professional and most likely get you hired. To learn more about the company, read this article.


If you enjoy writing, then Elance is the best site for you to find an online job. The site is said to be the leader in provision of high quality writing jobs for freelancers from all over the world. The jobs range from article writing, academic writing, proposal writing and website content creation among others. All you need to do is set up a profile indicating your qualifications and other relevant information and then you can start bidding on jobs. Many of the writing jobs posted have reasonable payments attached to them, making it worthwhile to sign up on the site.

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ProBlogger Job Board

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money writing on topics that you are passionate about. ProBlogger offers a platform for bloggers to get hired by companies that advertise positions on their job board on a daily basis. The job board usually attracts high level companies thus making it important for those seeking blogger positions to be highly skilled in their work. Most of these companies are seeking to fill positions such as blog designers, consultants and writers among others.   Nevertheless, ProBlogger does not participate in any discussions between you and a potential employer on the site, which makes it important to research on advertising companies before making a commitment.


Guru is a free to sign up site that attracts a lot of employers looking for skilled freelancers to handle a variety of projects on their behalf. The site might look similar to others offering similar skills but it stands out because of the wide array of opportunities it provides to job seekers. Some of its major jobs are found in the IT industry making it a good place for individuals with appropriate qualifications. However, jobs in other industries are also available and are worth checking out if you are seeking a part time gig.


If you are willing to sell any service for five dollars, then the Fiverr marketplace is the best place to do it. This online platform allows online job seekers to develop their skill and get recognized in their particular niche for their services. It does not matter which skill you have, it is likely to find a buyer on Fiverr thereby earning you revenue. To start off on the site, you will need to set up a profile indicating the services you will be offering at five dollars and any extras attached to the gig. Services on Fiverr are usually referred to as gigs and you can offer more than one on your profile page.

Task Rabbit

Getting tasks done in good time can sometimes be impossible for a number of businesses and this is where Task Rabbit comes to the rescue. The online site prides itself in connecting their clients with individuals that are able to complete tasks on their behalf at a fee. Application to become a tasker, the name given to people seeking jobs on Task Rabbit, is quite simple as they only require basic information to help you get matched to the right employer. The information submitted is then verified through their systems, and usually include background checks and identity verification before being allowed to seek work from the site. If approved then the job seeker can select categories in which they are qualified so that they are connected with a client in the local area that is looking for such services.

Rat Race Rebellion

Rat Race Rebellion has been listing online job opportunities for over a decade making them a trusted site among many freelancers. The site which offers a wide range of jobs for those that would like to work from home thoroughly screens the positions put up on their site to avoid scams. In addition, they provide a number of tips on how to avoid getting scammed when looking for jobs for the benefit of their users. To start off on the site, it is advisable to browse through the displayed job categories to see if any matches your qualifications. As soon as you get one, apply for it and remember to follow instructions given by a potential employer to increase chances of getting hired.

Writing is one of the most common online jobs available for those looking for part time work or job positions that give them flexibility. is a site that lists a number of writing jobs online for their members to do for clients. The employers are charged for putting up jobs on the site and can seek writers on a contract, full time, freelance, temporary or part time basis.  The jobs posted are from all over the world thus giving writers a chance to interact with different cultures and people. Starting out on the freelance site is quite easy as all that is required is filling in a sign up form and providing all the information needed. Apart from offering online jobs, the site also has a number of resources for their writers to ensure that they get the best value from working on the site.

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