7 Realistic Ways Bloggers Can Build and Increase Facebook Followers

Are you a blogger struggling to get Facebook followers? These proven tips and tricks will help you build and increase a loyal Facebook fan base. Social media has been around for a while now and its use has affected all of us in one way or the other. When I began my journey as a blogger, Facebook was one of many great tools I used to promote my blog and build a targeted audience. No matter if your business is giant or small, I highly recommend embracing the social media world.

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Facebook has more than a billion active users per month which make it a great tool for advertisement. Even though there are so many people using Facebook, it is up to you as an individual or business to build and increase followers. For this reason, here are some of the tips and tricks that can help you increase the number of followers fast.

#1 – Have awesome and quality content

In order to build followers and keep the numbers increasing, your content has to be compelling and of quality. Having and keeping a follower is the same as having a customer. You have to keep them satisfied and eager for your next post. Share meaningful posts, photos, and articles. Let your online persona be defined by what you post. The more relatable and helpful it is to people the more you will gain followers.

#2 – Encourage likes and shares

It is quite simple, we are a curious people, some more than others. When people see your posts have many likes, they will want to visit your page. If they like what they find in your profile, that is one more follower added to your list. It is therefore, important to encourage likes and shares in your content. Sometimes it may pay off if you asked the audience to like and follow you but other times it might backfire. If you find it easier to ask people, be sure it will work otherwise risk it all.


#3 – Does your site have a Facebook like box?

The quickest and easiest way to build and increase your followers on Facebook is to have a Facebook like box on your website if you have one. The like box offers an association with your Facebook page and visitors to your site can easily like and follow you through the site. Over time, the follower fan base will grow organically and rapidly. I personally recommend a tool called Milotree.

#4 – Like other Facebook pages

Once you like a page or someone else’s post, your profile name will appear there. The more you like pages with great numbers of followers, the more attention you will get. The audience will want to find out more about you and it will, in turn, lead to more followers.

#5 – Attract comments in your posts

Facebook and other social media platforms are all about interaction. Whatever you decide to post should itself attract people to comment and initiate a conversation with you and other people. Asking questions and having contests acts as an incentive to have more comments and from the conversations, your audience will follow you in order to have more enlightened conversations in future.

#6 – Stay active

If your presence is lacking, no one will know about you let alone follow you. Posting regularly reminds the audience you are still there and if the posts are interactive, it will build followers who will await your next post.

#7 – You must promote your page

Again, no one will know you are on Facebook unless you tell them. There are other platforms such as Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn where you can let people know about your Facebook profile. Ask followers in these platforms politely to follow you on Facebook and watch the magic happen.

Start implementing the above tips and build an ever-growing follower fan base.

Now your turn! What methods are you using to increase and build your Facebook community?

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