7 Realistic Ways Bloggers Can Build and Increase Facebook Followers

Social media has affected all of us in one way or the other. When I began my journey as a blogger, Facebook was one of many great tools I used to promote my blog and build a targeted audience. No matter the size of your business, I highly recommend learning how to increase your Facebook followers.

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According to the Statista Research Department, Facebook currently has 2.89 billion active users per month, making it the biggest social media network worldwide. Even though there are so many people using Facebook, you need to figure out how your little page is going to be found.

By people commenting, sharing, liking, and viewing your images, slides, videos, and other content, you as an individual or business can increase your Facebook engagement and gain more followers.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you increase the number of Facebook followers fast.

1. Have Top Quality Content to Promote

In order to build followers and keep the numbers increasing, your content has to be compelling and of high quality. But that’s not all, you also have to promote your content so that people know that it’s actually there. Having and keeping a follower is similar to having a loyal customer. 

You have to let them know that you have something that can help solve a problem, keep them satisfied, and be interested and eager for your next piece of content.

Share meaningful posts, photos, and articles. Let your online persona be defined by what you post. The more relatable and helpful it is to people the more you will gain followers.

2. Share Relevant Content

One of the key things to do on Facebook especially if you are promoting a page or group is that it must be relevant. Your content should be what your audience is looking for if it's a business Facebook account. No random cat videos are wanted if it has nothing to do with your business content.

Your ideal audience will want to share relevant and related content and like and share them even more. This will trigger the Facebook algorithm to not only notify your friends and family of new content but also suggest and highlight it in the newsfeeds of others.

This will encourage viewers to visit your blog or website. If they like what they find on your Facebook profile then you will get a new follower added to your list. It is, therefore, important to encourage likes and shares in your content. 

Periodically invite your audience to like and follow you using your subscriber email newsletters on your Facebook posts themselves, and other places that you can place calls to action.

3. Add a Facebook Like Button to your Website

A really convenient and quick way to build and increase your followers on Facebook is to have a Facebook Button on your website or blog. The Like Button offers a popup to your Facebook page so visitors viewing your site can easily like and follow you. 

I personally recommend a tool called Milotree. Be sure to include a shared link icon to your Facebook page on the footer or header of your site.

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4. Engage with other Facebook Pages

Make sure to like a page or leave a meaningful comment on someone else’s Facebook page that’s related to your own content. Your profile name will appear and curious users will take a peek at your Facebook profile and end up engaging with your page. 

The more you engage with other Facebook pages and groups, the greater your chances of increasing social media attention. This new audience may want to find out more about you and start to follow your Facebook account.

5. Attract comments in your posts

Facebook and other social media platforms are all about interaction. 

Whatever you decide to post it should make people want to comment and start up a conversation. Use your Facebook content to ask questions and hold fun contests as an incentive for your audience to take part in. 

Add a call to action for potential followers to carry out tasks such as leaving a comment, viewing a blog post, adding their email for a freebie, or purchase an item. 

Another key point is to reply to comments in a timely manner. The quicker your response time the better rating you will get from the Facebook algorithm. 

If you don’t have enough time you might want to consider hiring a virtual assistant to be your Facebook moderator or hire a dedicated social media manager

Having an engaged audience increases the likelihood others will want to be a part of your community as well.

6. Stay Facebook Active

A very important factor of social media is to always update your account with fresh content. If your Facebook page is not regularly updated no one will want to continue to follow you and share your posts. 

Posting consistently reminds the audience you are still there. To help you with this use social media scheduling tools like Buffer or Later that are super easy to use. Facebook also have their own built-in scheduler that you can plan content.

Set up daily social media posts for the week, month, and even for the quarter. Remember to plan out any special calendar events that can help to build your brand and get new followers. 

Scheduling and putting out regular content is the best way to keep your Facebook account active and gain new followers. As they say content is king, but consistency is queen!

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7. Promote your Facebook Page

Again, no one will know you are on Facebook unless you tell them and one of the top mistakes when starting out is not sharing content with your friends and family. Why, because you’re not sure what they will think or you’re afraid of criticism.

Promoting your page to those you know is the best way to start as they will usually share your content and be the first to support your business. 

If they are on other platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, you can ask them if their followers have an interest in your content so that they can follow you on Facebook.

Share with your contacts through Whatsapp, in your Insta stories and you can also pay for ads on Facebook but make sure to stick with a budget.

Final Thoughts

Facebook is a wonderfully useful tool to engage with your audience. Create high-quality and consistent content, invite your audience to interact, and respond quickly to their comments. Start implementing the above tips and build an ever-growing and loyal Facebook follower fan base.

Now your turn! Share in the comments what methods you’re using to increase and build your Facebook community?

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