How To Make Money as a Transcriptionist (Earn $55,000+ Per year!)

One of the easiest ways to join the ranks of working from home is to learn how to make money as a transcriptionist. It is quite simple to learn and you already have most of the basic skills. You only need a minimal amount of equipment and the job is very flexible to fit around your schedule.

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Before we go into how to start making money as a transcriptionist let’s find out exactly what a transcriptionist does.

What is a Transcriptionist?

A transcriptionist is someone who listens and types audio and video files into written documents, it’s that simple. This can be anything from a recorded phone call to a confidential police interview. As a transcriber, there are some key skills that you must have before starting.

What Skills are Needed to Become a Transcriber?

As a Transcriptionist that works from home, you must be able to communicate electronically as most of your work will be sent to you online. You must be able to allocate your time to get the work done so your home life must be organized and flexible enough for you to be able to work as a transcriber. On top of that, you must have certain essential skills such as

  • Great listening
  • Excellent command of English, and
  • Fast and accurate typing skills

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What Equipment Do You Need?

One of the good things about being a Transcriptionist is that it doesn’t cost much to get started. You probably have most of the necessary tools at home to begin working. You will need the following:

  • A quiet place to work
  • A PC or laptop
  • High-speed internet
  • A high-quality headset 
  • Foot pedal for increased speed (good to have but not necessary as some transcribers use shortcut keys)

Types of Transcription

You can become a transcriber as a complete beginner but if you have a strong legal or medical background you can specialize and earn more money as a legal or medical transcriber.  These are the three types of transcription you can do to make money from home.

General Transcription

General Transcription is the transcribing of recorded meetings, webinars, interviews, lectures and general calls. 

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Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription is the transcribing of audio into medical notes and reports from doctors and nurses. This type of transcription heavily contains medical terminology and abbreviations that you must be familiar with. There are training courses available for this.

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Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription is similar to medical transcription in that you must understand the legal terms as the audio content can be quite technical. You will transcribe audio and video files into legally formatted documents. Transcription within the legal field tends to be verbatim, i.e. word for word so good listening and accuracy is essential.

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Companies That Offer Work at Home Transcription Jobs

There are a number of legitimate companies located worldwide that offer transcription work from home jobs. Here are a few you can register with to start making money at home whether as a complete beginner or an experienced typist.

Transcribe Me

You can join Transcribe Me without any transcription experience and you can work from anywhere. A test must be taken for them to assess your transcription abilities. Payment is via PayPal. Read my full review and apply online.


AccuTran recruits both newbies and experienced transcribers. You will have to take a test and provide your CV before being considered for a position. Read my full review and apply online.


This is a well-known company that regularly has general transcription and captioning opportunities. They have their own transcription platform that you work from. Payment is made via PayPal. 


Scribie is another popular transcription company that recruits worldwide. You can earn money at home as a complete beginner and PayPal is the method of payment. Read my full review and apply online.

For a more in-depth list of transcription companies read this post.

How Much Money Can You Earn as a Transcriber?

This is a frequently asked question and is one that the payment result is entirely up to you. Rates vary for each transcription company, your experience can also make a difference including how many hours you work for. 

On average a beginner transcriptionist can earn between $800 to $3000 per month depending on how fast they type or how many hours are put in. If you are a specialized transcriptionist such as legal or medical you can earn much more. 

As a fully trained professional legal transcriptionist you can expect to earn over $55,000 per year. 

To start earning great money as a transcriptionist you can find out more information by signing up for the Transcribe Anywhere training course. 

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money as a Transcriptionist

No matter where you are located you can always start working from home in the first instance as a transcriptionist as it is quite an easy and flexible career to get into. As long as you can type accurately you can find a company to register with to start earning from home.

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