Top 10 Online Side Jobs: Get Paid To Do Part-Time Work

Online side jobs have been around for a while now. As technology has improved it has become a much easier and an increasingly popular choice for many individuals seeking a side job or even full-time work.

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In these costly times, it’s essential to find another way to earn additional income and a remote side job is a great way you can start. Here are 11 top online side jobs to start fast. 

Side Job #1 – Teach English Online

Native English speakers can earn a generous amount of money by teaching English online. Parents and students all around the world are willing to pay cash to learn how to clearly communicate in English by interacting with online tutors. 

You can apply on sites like VIPKid and Cambly to get started.

Side Job #2 – Photo Editing

If you’re a photography lover and have a great eye for detail, photo editing might just be the perfect remote side job for you! 

Companies and individuals are constantly searching for someone to edit and add special effects to their photos. 

If you’re an expert at using Photoshop or other photo editing tools then you can start offering your remote freelance services on websites like Upwork, Guru or search on jobsites such as Indeed.

Side Job #3 – Become A Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are one of the most flexible online jobs you can do and many companies and small business owners are on the lookout for good VA’s. You’ll be able to use your skills in many different areas, from administrative tasks, to content creation and more. 

You can find the latest virtual assistant jobs on Upwork, FlexJobs and even LinkedIn. Just make sure that your LinkedIn profile is completely up-to-date so that you can be alerted of any new jobs.

Side Job #4 – Video Editing

Video editing is a great remote side job you can do. As an editor, you would be tasked with editing and arranging recorded clips from camera footage, graphics, dialogue and adding special effects. 

By using the right editing tools you can share your video editing skills on freelancing sites like Fiverr and even Reddit.

Side Job #5 – Become A Airbnb Co-Host

Do you have your own Airbnb or do you regularly stay at Airbnb locations? Did you know that you could earn side money by becoming a remote airbnb co-host?

You can help Airbnb owners manage their properties virtually and get an agreed share of the rental income. You'll also need to:

  • Organized, quick to answer any queries and make the process smooth and easy for the visiting guests. 
  • Arrange to answer any messages, arrange a cleaning routine, even help arrange to decorate the rental or help to plan or book special events and tours for visitors. 

No prior experience is needed to do this. In no time with great customer service you can help the property owner become an Airbnb superhost.

Side Job #6 – Blogging

Blogging as a popular remote side job might take a bit longer to earn cash if you do not have an existing audience. However, this remote job can pay well with the right niche and an engaging audience.

But a word of caution, you will have to put the work in and be consistent with writing on topics you love. 

Create a website and upload fun and exciting content for readers. A few ways that you can earn from blogging is advertising and affiliate marketing and also offering digital products. These are passive ways for you to up your earnings with a blog. 

Side Job #7 – Translate Languages

Why not put your bilingual or multilingual skills to work by becoming a translator? 

Translators or interpreters are hired from many parts of the world. You would be responsible for turning audio and written files and translating them into other languages.

Gengo is a popular site that gives you the chance to use your language skills to translate and earn money remotely.

Side Job #8 – Animator

Are you a high school or college student studying animation? Then you can use the skills you’ve learned to start a remote side job creating exciting and fun animation.

With knowledge or 2D and 3D graphic design you have the ability to make a lot of cash and even expand your career. The animation involves special effects, film creation, video games and computer animations,

 If you’re a total beginner and love doodling don’t worry you can also create simple animations like GIFs to sell if you have an iPhone or iPad by using the Procreate app.

A few great place to start offering your animation services is Fiverr, Upwork and 99Designs.

Side Job #9 – Transcriptionist

One of the easiest and quickest remote side jobs you can do without any expensive startup costs and even without experience is becoming a transcriptionist. 

You can offer this service yourself directly to podcasters, journalists, and college lecturers and students who are pursuing their Masters.

You can also sign up to transcription companies such GoTranscript, TranscribeMe, Rev, and if you have a medical or legal background there are more specialist transcription companies that you can work remotely for such as Net Transcripts.

Side Job #10 – Bookeeping

Do you have bookkeeping or accounting experience? If you’re good with numbers or have experience in the field of accounting you can become a remote bookkeeper.

With so many small businesses starting up especially online the need for bookkeepers has become more in demand.

If you wish to learn and offer bookkeeping as a virtual service, you can sign up with

Final Thoughts

These remote side jobs are very easy to find and can help you make extra cash to boost your income. With such variety there is bound to to be one of these remote jobs that you can do.

A great advantage to these side jobs is that you only need basic equipment of a pc, reliable internet and headset. 

If you’ve found this post inspiring to start a remote side job don’t forget to share it with others who might also be interested.

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