Teleflora Offers Seasonal Work at Home Phone Jobs

Have you been looking for an exciting phone job that allows you to work from home? If so, then you are in luck because Teleflora is hiring seasonal workers for the holidays.

Are you looking for an exciting phone job that allows you to work from home? If so,Teleflora is hiring seasonal workers to take flower orders from home. Teleflora is a leading floral company that often hires call center agents to work for them on a temporary basis. The seasonal jobs are mostly available at busy times of year such as the upcoming Mother’s Day celebrations but it can become permanent if you emerge as one of their highest performers.

Job Duties at Teleflora

As an inbound call center agent at Teleflora, you will be responsible for typing into the system, flower orders that have been requested by customers.

For orders that have already been placed into the system, you will assist in identifying them and making sure that the information displayed is accurately communicated to the relevant person. In case of customer inquiries or complaints, you will be required to offer solutions to their concerns as per company policy.

When working from home as part of the 24 Hour Flowers team, you will handle a lot of calls that are sales driven as you work on behalf of florists that are members of Teleflora.

Skills Required

Apart from having a good understanding of the English language which is essential if you are to work for Teleflora, other skills that are required include:

  • Ability to quickly learn computer programs that will be new to you
  • Dependability, meaning you have to be available to work for the hours assigned to you
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Fast and good typing skills when taking orders from customers
  • Good computer navigation skills to help you in placing orders in the system
  • Great listening skills as you will be interacting with customers through the phone

Technical Requirements

To get hired as a work at home call center agent at Teleflora, you need to meet their technical requirements that are similar to all their employees. These requirements are:

  • Good working computer with the latest Windows software, preferably Windows 8.1
  • Internet that is reliable and fast for easy downloads of audio files and other types of communication.
  • Anti-Virus software and anti-spyware software with current definitions (Microsoft Security Essentials is recommended)
  • Landline phone that is only used to take calls from Teleflora clients and has no features such as voicemail, call waiting or call forwarding.
  • Quality headsets or speakers to be used to listen to files in audio format but headsets are preferred. Two headsets are required for listening to customer calls and during training.
  • USB headset for training that plugs into the computer via USB port and must have a microphone and be hands-free.
  • Headset for telephone calls that plugs into phone base and be comfortable to use. It should be hands-free, corded and have a microphone that has noise canceling features.
  • Home office should be quiet and not have any type of background noise. Teleflora has a zero-tolerance policy for background noise


Flexibility is possible when working at Teleflora but this might not be possible for the seasonal jobs because of the increased numbers of orders that will be coming in. Most times, the company hires home-based agents at this time to ensure that they do not get overwhelmed and can, in turn, maintain the same level of customer service excellence throughout the year.

For seasonal jobs at Teleflora, you will have to work for at least 20 hours every week with the maximum of 40 hours. However, at times agents that work from home are required to work extended hours to meet the needs of the company.

Although the current job opening is for Mother’s Day, Teleflora also expects its seasonal and permanent employees to work on special days such as Valentines Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving among others. These seasons are always their busiest times of the year for the floral company.

They offer training to their agents prior to hiring them as home-based agents in the company.


When hired by Teleflora, you will need to go through their training for work at home agents. The training will last between twelve and sixteen hours which will be paid for as per the minimum wage of the state in which you reside.

As soon as you complete the training successfully, you will be paid an hourly rate of $8 to $11 depending on the states’ minimum wage. In addition, Teleflora also gives commissions worth $250 for the hours that you have worked in each season. Payment for training is at an hourly rate of $7.25, or the state minimum if it exceeds $7.25.

Application Process

The application process for a seasonal job at Teleflora is quite easy and can be completed in one sitting. You will need to go to their website and find their career page ( where you can be directed to the particular seasonal job by typing “work at home” in the search area to get the details you need.
You can also apply directly for the work at home job on this link:

In case, you are unable to get the required equipment for you to get hired by Teleflora, the company provides you with an alternative of working at their locations. These locations are spread all over the country and give you a chance to still work for them as a call center agent.

Final Words

Teleflora is a company that has established itself in the floral industry and always offers genuine jobs. The home-based jobs and those that require you to work in an office are very popular because of the good pay and excellent working conditions that the company offers its agents. If you enjoy working from the comfort of your home or are raising your kids from home and are looking to make some extra money, then a job at Teleflora as a call agent is perfect for you.

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