Best 4 Ways To Work from Home Placing Food Orders Online

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Not only are there companies that will deliver food on behalf of a restaurant, but they may also have people in place to help take the orders as well. I'm not talking about food delivery workers either, even though that's not a bad gig. However, you can do this type of work 100% from the comfort of your home. 

If you’re good on the phone and like working with people this might be the right opportunity for you. Customers always take advantage of the option to eat out so this type of work will definitely keep you busy. 

Employees will have to make sure to be a good listener because nobody likes an upset customer after getting an order that isn’t right. The benefit of working for home also allows team members to only deal with customers over the phone compared to in-person which can be a good or bad thing depending on personal preference. 

Best 4 Ways To Work from Home Placing Food Orders Online


Restaurant Revolution Technologies is seeking people to join their virtual servers team. The main duties of the virtual server's position is to help perform takeout order processing for restaurants all across the nation. From home, you’ll be helping support numerous restaurants handle their takeout food orders. Wages with RRTUSA start at $9 per hour and go up to $10 per hour after 90 days. 

So virtual servers will be basically taking customer calls and processing the orders for the restaurant. The hours won’t be the typical 9-5, restaurants tend to have busier times on nights and weekends so RRTUSA tends to focus on helping during those times. They are only hiring in 17 states including Iowa, Texas, Ohio, and Florida. 

Being available Thursday-Sun is a requirement for the job.   Servers must be available for a minimum of 20 hours. 

The hours are flexible though and depend all on the client's needs. RRTUSA wants applicants with a positive attitude and ability to be able to work in a team. Having a distraction-free work environment and past experience in restaurant or customer service is a few things RRTUSA looks for. 

Go here to read full review for RRTUSA.

2. ContractWorld

ContractWorld hires order entry agents for specific popular fast-food restaurants. Pizza hut agents will answer incoming calls for restaurants across the nation. Applicants would need to be available at least 15 hours a week, with more hours possible. Hours typically come in Sunday-Thursday from 8 p.m. -1 a.m. EST  and Friday and Saturday 8 p.m.- 2 a.m. EST.

Hours vary depending on the volume of orders and the time of year. Starting pay is $8-$10 an hour or about $0.55 per order. KFC also hires order entry agents through ContractWorld. These to-go orders are typically for KFC’s famous chicken. They will also be looking for agents who can work peak hours.

Pay is an average of $10-$13 per hour or $0.80 per order plus any sales incentives. That number falls to $0.45 per call if the customer is transferred to a restaurant. 

3. Post Mates 

Post Mates hires customer experienced agents to help customers. They don’t directly take the orders but they help Postmates, the customer, or merchants will any questions they may have. The problems are usually handled by email or phone.

Agents must have thick skin and have the ability to change a customer from being upset to happy to the best of their ability. Applicants must have 3-5 years of customer service experience. They must also have the flexibility to work nights, weekends, or even holidays. 

4. Liveops

Work from home taking orders with Liveops. It’s another great chance to make extra cash on nights and weekends. Calls are usually pretty quick and as long as your available during peak ordering times, some good money could be brought in. Scheduling yourself to work between 3 pm -Midnight Friday-Sunday will be the best way to make the most money. Orders have to be accurate so they are looking for people who are good listeners who can record orders and customers' information down correctly.  

Some other calls that might come up besides just ordering are helping customers get information on coupons they heard or saw on the radio, TV, or newspaper. Agents may also help a customer find out the status of their order or even have to transfer them to a local store location for additional help if they don’t have the answer.

 As an independent contractor through Liveops contracts is typically six months. Time blocks can be as small as just 30 minutes but there is no minimum weekly amount required. Not working can affect performance activity which could mean Liveops won’t renew your contract after the first initial six months. 

Best 4 Ways to Make Money Placing Food Orders Online


Working from home placing food orders online can be a fun job that doesn’t take a ton of work. Sure you have to pay attention to the orders, but outside of that, it shouldn’t be too terrible. Some companies per order so they more orders you take in the better.

 There are some big-name fast food companies like Taco Bell and Pizza Hut that are seeking help. There are also some smaller name restaurants, but regardless they’ll keep you busy especially if you’re available to help on nights and weekends. 

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