45+ Work at Home Social Media Profiles You Must Follow

45+ Work at Home Social Media Profiles You Must FollowSocial media sites are often used for those who want to connect with old friends; make new ones while sharing about their life on a regular basis. It is common for many to spend countless hours browsing through a variety of social sites at home, work or even when out with friends. So why not use it for other productive activities such as conducting a job search. You will get the chance to connect with brands and professionals that are looking to hire for their companies.

Finding Jobs Through Social Media

Getting work at home jobs through social media platforms is becoming quite popular especially for job seekers that do not want to use the well-known sites to find a job. Since joining these sites are free, you can search for companies or bloggers who share jobs through their page.  If you're interested in using a non-conventional method to get a work at home job, read on to learn which social media pages you can join.

Work at Home Facebook Pages

Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to set up profiles for free and use them to connect with friends or family from all over the world. Getting a job through Facebook is quite possible as a number of bloggers and businesses list job leads on a regular basis.

You can join groups or become part of these fan pages that have people with similar interests as you and the network to find any home based job openings.

  1. 1099 Mom – https://www.facebook.com/1099Mom/
  2. ACD Direct IBO  https://www.facebook.com/ACDDirectIbo/
  3. Rat Race Rebellion  https://www.facebook.com/RatRaceRebellion
  4. Dream Home Based Work – https://www.facebook.com/DreamHomeBasedWork ( Mine)
  5. WAHM.com – https://www.facebook.com/therealwahm
  6. Work from Home Happiness https://www.facebook.com/workfromhomehappiness
  7. Free Work at Home Guide – https://www.facebook.com/freeworkathomeguide ( Mine)
  8. Melecia at Home https://www.facebook.com/meleciaathome
  9. Real Ways To Earn – https://www.facebook.com/realwaystoearn/
  10. Money Making Mommy  https://www.facebook.com/MoneyMakingMommy-275995100998/
  11. The Drifting Desk – https://www.facebook.com/thedriftingdesk
  12. The Penny Hoarder https://www.facebook.com/thepennyhoarder
  13. Single Moms Income – https://www.facebook.com/Single-Moms-Income-140851386117428/
  14. Work at Home Success – https://www.facebook.com/workathomesuccessfans
  15. WAH Adventures  https://www.facebook.com/Adventuresofworkingfromhome
  16. The Work at Home Woman  https://www.facebook.com/TheWorkatHomeWoman
  17. The Work at Home Wife  https://www.facebook.com/theworkathomewife

Work at Home Pinterest Pages

Pinterest is a unique type of social media network focuses on the sharing of images and videos on boards set up by users on the site. The sharing of visual ideas is done through an assortment of “pins” on personal boards that can be viewed by friends and other users that follow the board. Here are some of the most popular Pinterest profiles to follow:

  1. The Drifting Desk – https://www.pinterest.com/thedriftingdesk/
  2. The Penny Hoarder – https://www.pinterest.com/thepennyhoarder/
  3. Free Work at Home Guide  – https://www.pinterest.com/legitworkathome/( Mine)
  4. Real Ways To Earn – https://www.pinterest.com/RealWaystoEarn/
  5. Money Making Mommy – https://www.pinterest.com/kellyland/
  6.  WAH Adventures – https://www.pinterest.com/mirandagrimm/
  7. Work from Home Happiness – https://www.pinterest.com/workfromhomehap/
  8. The Work at Home Woman – https://www.pinterest.com/hollyrhanna/
  9. The Work at Home Wife – https://www.pinterest.com/thewahwife/
  10. Work from Home Expert Tips – https://www.pinterest.com/RealWaystoEarn/work-from-home-expert-tips/( Group Board)
  11. Best Work at Home Jobs – https://www.pinterest.com/legitworkathome/best-work-at-home-jobs/( Group Board)
  12. Top Career Bloggers –  https://www.pinterest.com/thedriftingdesk/top-career-bloggers/ (Group Board)
  13. Very Best WAHM Bloggers – https://www.pinterest.com/cheriread/very-best-wahm-bloggers/ ( Group Board)

Work at Home LinkedIn Profiles

For many job seekers, LinkedIn is their first stop when looking to get their first job or move from one company to another. This social media site targets business professionals employed or in business that would want to connect with others in their industry. It is, therefore, a good place for job seekers to set up a profile that has relevant information which can be used by recruiters to hire them. To get started, use the LinkedIn job board for searching “work at home” jobs.

Here are more work at home LinkedIn profiles to follow:

  1. Arise Virtual Solutions – https://www.linkedin.com/company/arise
  2. Convergys  –Read more– https://www.linkedin.com/company/convergys
  3. Great Virtual Works – https://www.linkedin.com/company/greatvirtualwks
  4. Liveops  – https://www.linkedin.com/company/liveops
  5. Talk 2 RepRead more– https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk2rep-call-centers
  6. Leapforce https://www.linkedin.com/company/leapforce
  7. Dream Home Based Work – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dreamhomebasedwork ( Mine)
  8. Work at Home Aventures – https://www.linkedin.com/in/mirandagrimm/en

Work at Home Twitter Profiles

Twitter is a site for social networking that allows users to communicate by sending short tweets to people they have connected with you.  It is a good tool for finding companies that are actively hiring. The following twitter profiles share job leads, career advice, and many extra income opportunities.

  1. 1099 Mom  https://twitter.com/1099Mom
  2. Arise Work from Home –  https://twitter.com/AriseWorkfrHome
  3. DHBW Fans  https://twitter.com/DHBW_Fans ( Mine)
  4. FlexJobs https://twitter.com/flexjobs
  5. LiveOps  – https://twitter.com/LiveOps
  6. Rat Race Rebellion – https://twitter.com/RatRaceRebels
  7. Melecia at Home – https://twitter.com/meleciaathome
  8. Money Making Mommy – https://twitter.com/HBBM
  9. The Work at Home Woman – https://twitter.com/Holly_Hanna
  10. Work at Home Mom Revolution https://twitter.com/WAHMRevolution
  11. The Work at Home Wife – https://twitter.com/thewahwife
  12. Work from Home Happiness  https://twitter.com/AshleeWrites
  13. Work at Home Success – https://twitter.com/ltruex

Work at Home YouTube Channels

YouTube is a video-sharing site that is used to relate work at home job leads. This video here will explain how to use my YouTube channel to find work at home jobs. You can also connect with the following work at home channels below:

  1. Dream Home Based Work – http://youtube.com/dhbwfans ( mine)
  2. Melecia at Home – https://www.youtube.com/user/meleciaathome
  3. Work at Home with Toni – https://www.youtube.com/user/tnetcliff09
  4. Rat Race Rebellion Youtube channel

More Places To Search Jobs Online

Flexjobs  Flexjobs is one of the few trusted sites that searches through various job sites and collects postings for job seekers. The main characteristic of the postings is that they are flexible and allow you to work according to a schedule that is comfortable for you. They have a long listing of these jobs that can either be freelance, part-time or full-time.

Simply Hired – Simply hired is a leading job search site that brings together job listings from various job boards, niche sites and career pages for job seekers. They go forward to match these job postings to those that have signed up on their site, which makes it easier to select a suitable one and send in an application.

Indeed  Indeed is a search engine that has been designed with job seekers in mind, whether for a full time or part-time position. It brings together jobs from different platforms under one roof thus giving you a chance to get information about a job as soon as it is listed.

Pro Blogger Job Board – The job board at Pro Blogger is one of the best online resources for people seeking online work at home jobs. It is regularly updated meaning you can get an opportunity to apply for jobs even on a daily basis and get hired for good pay. Although most jobs are related to blogging, you can also get writing jobs from different companies.

Overall, social media has become the new ground to hunting jobs online.  It is so important for you to familiarize yourself with the major social media sites and devise a plan that will increase your chances of getting hired through them.


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      1. euphrosyne morrison

        Hello Shay, thanks so much for taking the time out to provide everyone with so much information. I APPRECIATE ALL job leads. I have a question. I work at a job form 6am-4’30pm this schedule doesn’t really give me the space to have a second job. Can you possibly advise me on jobs that I should apply for that isn’t a phone job and I could possibly do whenever is convenient for me. I was looking into appointment setter or administrative work.

        1. Lashay H.

          Hi! You’re welcome 🙂 I’m so glad you find enjoy the information I share here helpful. I do recommend several companies like Gradiant ( https://gradiate.com/become-a-genius )which hires people to grade middle school tests – training is provided. Ask Wonder ( https://askwonder.com/researcher ) is another site if you have great research skills. They allow you to work on your own schedule. Here’s more recommendations here – https://www.dreamhomebasedwork.com/make-your-own-schedule-jobs-from-home/ Hope this helps! 🙂

      2. Lisa @ The Drifting Desk

        Thanks so much for the mention, Shay! I’m a huge fan of your site and it means a lot!

        1. Lashay H.

          Heyyyy Lisa! Hope all is well! I really appreciate your kind words 🙂 Every week I’m checking to see what’s new on your blog. Keep up the great work!

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