Top 9 Beginner Online Typing Jobs for Teens

Are you a fast typing teen looking for a beginner online typing job?

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Being a teenager, it might be difficult to get certain jobs due to lack of experience and age but did you know you could make money using your typing skills even as a beginner? There are quite a few beginner online typing jobs for teens that are flexible enough for you to work from home while being a student

With a stable internet connection and an up-to-date laptop, you could earn a healthy monthly income. It’s quite easy, and there’s not much experience required. By typing very fast, accurately, and efficiently, you could do a typing job of data entry, transcription, and even editing

Let’s take a look at a few companies that hire teens for online typing jobs as beginners

Where Can Teens Make Money Typing Online?  


Rev is a company that specializes in converting speech to text. This is a great place to use your typing skills by transcribing audio files like educational videos into written text. You can choose the projects you’re interested in and complete them by a set deadline. Payment is also issued weekly via PayPal and to work at Rev, applicants need to be at least 18 years old. 

Go here to learn more about REV or apply online.


Upwork is a well known freelancing platform where you can use your typing skills to do transcription and data entry jobs. The best part is, teenagers from age 13 upwards can access these typing jobs without an issue. You can set your own rates and the timeframe you will be able to complete and deliver them.

Go here to start search for freelance typing jobs on Upwork

Caption Max

Ever watched movies or webinars with captions below the screen in the same or a different language? Well, Caption Max focuses on typing captions and providing transcriptions in areas of media and entertainment, business, education, and government. 

You can become an independent contractor and have fun choosing the category you find most interesting. Also, if you’re familiar with more than one language this is an excellent way to have options to earn even more. 

Go here to apply online with Caption Max.

Captioning Star

As the name suggests, this is a business that specializes in closed captions, broadcast captions, live captions, and open captions. So, check the website to find out more about the typing services that they offer and how you can apply.

Go here to apply online with Caption Star.

 Transcribe Me 

At Transcribe Me you could be making $15 to $25 per hour. Yes, you can! As a total beginner, if you’ve proven to be very good at typing, you could earn an extra  $2 bonus per hour which is great. 

To begin go to their registration page and fill in the information required, complete a short training and take an exam. When you pass, you can begin to type and start making that money!

Go here to learn more about Transcribe Me or apply now.

Crowd Surf

Crowd Surf hires freelancers to create caption videos for persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speak a different language. This is a well-recommended place for students with flexible schedules because you are free to choose when you want to work whether day or night. Payment is done immediately via PayPal. The faster you can type the more money you will make.

Go here to read more or apply online.


Very similar to Upwork and another very popular freelancing site, if you’re serious about earning your own money you can be as young as 13 to work on the Fiverr platform. But it must be noted that as a freelancer of minor age you must be clear to state that no inappropriate content will be accepted.

Go here to apply online with Fiverr.

Go Transcript

On the Go Transcript site they state ‘must be of legal age’ so the minimum age when applying for a transcription job is 18. You do not require any experience but must have fast and accurate typing. A test will have to be taken to assess your level of skill and a positive is they do hire worldwide.

Go here to learn more about Go Transcript or apply online.


This company is currently hiring for both transcribers and captioners and you can start working online for them from the age of 14. If you live outside of the US as a teen you can also work for 1888-TypeItUp. Payment is made twice a month and you will need to get permission from a parent or guardian to be able to get access to be paid via PayPal, Payoneer or Western Union.

Go here to apply online with 1-888-Type-It-Up.

Final Thoughts on Remote Typing Jobs for Teens

Everyday you type on laptops doing your homework, phones and even tablets to send messages, ask questions on Google, post comments, and more. With your fast typing as a teen, you can turn that skill into a steady stream of income. Think about it!

Use the above list to earn your first regular income online or as a flexible money making side hustle while you study. Now that you have this great information don’t forget to share this post with your teen friends so they too can make some cash.

Are you a fast typing teenager looking for online work?

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