Earn Money Sewing for A Living: 9 Ways To Get Started Today!

If you’ve had your sewing machine stashed away in the basement or in a cupboard somewhere it’s time to get it back out. Perhaps you’ve been sewing but only for yourself and your family. Well, these 9 ways will surely help you make some serious cash by getting paid to sew for a living. 

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

Start a Sewing Business

If you have always received compliments for your sewing skills and designs, why not start your very own clothing brand. It might take a bit of time to build up a collection but being able to sew from home would make for an excellent start to regularly get paid for your clothing designs. Make sure to use social media as a way to get your sewing talent seen

Sew Locally

Do you live in a neighborhood with people who are constantly in need of customized clothing and other sewing materials? You could offer your sewing services locally to make money. 

If you live in a community where schools wear uniforms or businesses require embroidered logos on their work clothes, then this could be the perfect avenue fpr you to earn money from your sewing skills. You could become the go-to person for that one-of-a-kind prom dress each year? You could offer this service and have regular clients. 

Set Up an Online Store

In this day and age, it makes sense to have an online presence as a way to have more than one revenue stream. 

If you’ve found a unique sewing niche, then setting up an online store is a good move. You could use platforms like Shopify to easily set up your online store, or Etsy and you can even use websites like Handmade on Amazon

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Offer a Repair and Alteration Service

Offering repairs and alterations as a sewing service is an area in which you can earn money quickly. Many people no longer have the time or want to take the time to repair clothes. 

Customers may have a few items that need new buttons, a replacement zipper, a hem or trouser legs to be made shorter. After all, repairing a torn hem is less expensive and more logical than purchasing a new dress. 

So, offer this as a quick turnaround service. The customer can drop off in the morning before work and they can pick up after work.

Sell Sewing Kits

You can offer complete packaged sewing kits for customers who want to feel like they’ve handmade something. Items such as household linens, quilts and comforters, stuffed toys, dresses, baby clothes, and even bags that contain all materials, threads, buttons, zippers, precut patterns and simple instructions.

Create a Sewing Class

If you have mastered all the techniques of a professional and qualified seamstress or seamster then why not capitalize on your years of experience by offering sewing classes to potential sewing students. 

You can create beginner and how-to videos on your own membership website and add your tutorial videos to platforms like YouTube for easy access. You can get paid for full access to your course or set up a membership site where you always have a regular stream of income set up on a monthly basis.

Make Pattern Drafts for Beginners

Pattern drafting is another easy way to make money. There are beginners who would like to start sewing but are not confident about cutting patterns from pieces of fabric without some form of guide. 

To attract this kind of audience, you can offer your sewing patterns as digital printables from your own blog site and you can also become a brand ambassador for affiliates like Home Sewing Depot, Sewing Machines Plus, Amazon Affiliates to earn additional income.

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Sewing Contractor

There are many companies that hire people to sew different items without you having to leave your home. These can be independent clothing stores or popular clothing chain stores. 

You will receive ready precut patterns that can range from summer wear to winter clothing. This is a great choice for working moms who have a talent for sewing quickly and want flexibility.


This is a specialist sewing niche but if you are an expert seamstress and have knowledge in historical sewing techniques and fashion you could become a costumer for film and TV.

Also, with the growing trend of CosPlay you can also make costumes for those customers who wish to dress up like their favorite fictional characters.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing this post, I hope one or more of these methods to make money by sewing will work for you. You can start by sewing and wearing your own designs and then sewing for friends and family. 

The word will soon spread that you’re the go-to person for original pieces.

Be inspired by the fashion of famous designers, singers and actors or fashion from the past. Whether you decide to start out as your own boss or with a company you can make a living from your sewing talent.

Get Paid To Sew For A Living 9 Ways To Start Today

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