Best 9 Flexible Ways To Earn Money Online from Your Apple Ipad

Looking for a flexible way to earn money online from your Apple Ipad? You can test websites, take online surveys, do easy tasks, and more from anywhere! #ipad #tablet #workfromhome #earnmoneyonlineIf you've been trying to figure out how you can make money on your Apple Ipad, then this is what you have been waiting for.  These jobs will give you the flexibility that enables you to do your work wherever you may be.  You will have the liberty to set your schedule as well as your working hours and you can work on however many assignments you are interested in.  Most of them pay per assignment and some even have bonuses when you get excellent feedback from the customer. Read on to learn more!

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

1. Test Websites from Your Apple iPad

Website Testing is one of the easiest ways for you to make money from your iPad.  Some companies to consider include the following:

EnrollThis company pays members to test websites from home. You can use your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or iPadThe pay does vary according to the assignment.

UserTesting – This company pays members to review websites sharing their honest feedback. Residents from the US, Canada, Australia, and Germany can sign up and get paid $10 per website test. Each test takes around 10-20 minutes to complete. Pays via Paypal

Testing Time – Get paid to complete a variety of tasks with this free mobile application. Each test typically takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. The pay is $12 per completed assignment, paid via Paypal.

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2. Take Online Surveys from Your Apple iPad

One of the best and easiest ways for you to make some money on your Apple Ipad is to take paid surveys on the internet.  There are several FREE legitimate companies that will allow you to do so.  Here are just a few.

Pinecone Research – Pinecone pays about $3.00 for each survey taken on average.  There are rewards for taking part in focus groups, product testing, online surveys, and more.

MySurvey – This company is always on the lookout for new members who are willing to take surveys online.  You earn points when you complete the survey, which you can then redeem in the form of store certificates, gift cards, or cash.  You need to be at least 16 years old to participate.

Opinion Outpost – This site is among the best out there.  It is open to UK and US citizens.  You earn points here as well and can redeem them in the form of gift cards and cash.  Cash can be paid via Paypal or check. The more surveys you complete the better your chance of winning.

Toluna – Toluna will pay you for product testing as well as for taking online surveys.  You earn three thousand to six thousand points for each survey you complete. This opportunity is open to those who are 13 years old and above.

Ipsos I-Say – Working with some of the leading companies and best brands in the country, this company is considered to be among the largest survey companies around.  You take online surveys and earn points for each survey you take.  Then, you can trade in points in exchange for free prizes, gift cards, or cash via PayPal.

Paid Viewpoint – You take short surveys that are quite simple and make money just like that. Payment is by Paypal and everyone is welcome to sign up.

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3. Writing 

If you enjoy writing on a variety of topics you will find the various assignments a worthwhile challenge.  Write blogs, articles, eBooks, web copy, and more with the following companies.

Words of Worth – Write content and get paid every month via direct deposit or Paypal.  The content is on various subjects and residents of Australian, Canada and the US are welcome to sign up.

Copify – This company has both UK and US websites.  Freelancers are welcome to sign up and work from wherever they are located writing articles.  The payment varies depending on several different factors.

Article Document – With over 6000 writers, this company provides lots of opportunities to get work on a daily basis.  The work covers more than 135 different genres and industries.

BlogMutt –  If you enjoy writing business posts then this is the website for you. Each post can earn you around $8.

HireWriters – They hire experienced writers to provide blogs, rewrites, ghostwriting services, product descriptions, copy writing, and more. Payment is through Paypal.

The Content Authority – Are you passionate about writing? This is the place to be.  The company creates SEO content customized to the needs of the client.  Services include social engagement, copywriting, press releases, eBook Ghostwriting, and article marketing.  All payments made through Paypal.

Writer’s Domain –  If you can create high-quality content that is 100% original, you are the right fit for this company. The articles have a star rating system that determines the amount you get for each. 3-star articles which are the standard get $15, while those with a star rating of 4 or 5 get about $17.50.

Pure Content – Content creators extraordinaire! Payments are made via PayPal.

Textbroker – Select the assignment you want to work on and work from wherever you are located around the world.  Write articles in the genre you enjoy and receive payment once a week via Paypal.  The minimum cash out is $10.

Zerys – Zery’s is a platform that allows writers to pick and write content.  The client will need to select the writers he would like to access his work though.

Avanti Press –  Avanti press creates funny greeting cards that bring fun and laughter wherever they are found.  The products produced are of high quality with vibrant colors and designs.

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4. Freelance Work 

Tired of working as an employee? Why not employ yourself and work as a freelancer.  Here are some websites that give you the opportunity.

Upwork  – Formerly known as oDesk, Upwork is a platform that gives freelancers opportunities to make some real cash.

People Per Hour  People Per Hour is another freelance platform where you can find all kinds of work.  Hone your skills, create a profile, and promote yourself for more opportunities. This is a platform for crowdsourcing, outsourcing, and freelancing.  It is open to people from around the work who have the skills to carry out jobs such as writing, graphic design, software development, data entry, accounting, legal services, and more.

Fiverr –  Fiverr offers opportunities to graphic designers, writers, translators, animators, online marketers, and others to thrive.  Sell your services here to those who have posted jobs that they need to be done.

5. Complete Small Jobs and Tasks on Your Apple iPad

It’s becoming increasingly popular to have someone else do various tasks for you.  This has presented an opportunity for work for those who enjoy carrying out task-oriented jobs.  Some companies that offer legitimate opportunities include the following:

Task Rabbit Read Review– To sign-on, you will need to have a video interview.  You'll have access to thousands of available small jobs. Most jobs do not require any particular skills.

Humanatic –  Get paid to review and sort phone calls from your iPad or home computer. Pays via Paypal.

Amazon Mturk Read more-Amazon Mechanical Turk – Make Money While Doing Simple Online Tasks Here you are simply expected to complete a few tasks online.  These are considered “human intelligence tasks.”  Payment is by amazon gift cards and cash.

Clickworker  – With Clickworker the average amount that one can earn per hour is $9.  However, how much you make is based on the number of tasks that you complete.  The payment is through Paypal.

Short Task – With ShortTask you are able to work from home or wherever you may be doing jobs and tasks that are just right for you.

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6. Review Music from You Apple iPad

Music lovers have the opportunity to listen to music, write reviews, and earn some money doing it.  Here are two companies that are a great place to start with that.

Slice the Pie –  If you are a music lover then this is just the job for you.  You get paid to listen to commercials, new songs and see fashion items and then write reviews on them.

Music Xray  – With Music Xray you get paid to listen to music to help find music and bands that people may like. Most of the bands are starting out and need the feedback.

7. Chat and Answer Questions on your iPad

If you enjoy online chatting, then why not do it and earn some money at the same time. You can also make money by answering questions online usually on forums. –  This company pays you when you answer a question on the internet. Now you don’t get paid to chat. But, you do get paid to answer questions. You can cash-out once you hit $20. Payment is made once a month.

LivePerson   You will need to be well informed in a particular area so that when people ask questions, you will have the right answer for them.  All you need is access to both email and chat.  The topics include the arts, sciences, health and fitness, and more besides.

Weegy  – You need to be a topical expert in order to sign up for this chat.  Your work is to answer questions asked online.  You need to be able to chat or call online.  For each answer, you will earn 0.20 dollars and the payout limit is set at $20.  You also earn points when you share with friends or comments which can mean extra money for you.

8. Tutoring/Teaching

If you enjoy teaching and tutoring you can become an online tutor and make some money that way using your iPad.  Here are some companies you can consider.

  • – This site is open to professors, teachers, and college students who are willing to tutor.  The positions available include finance, economics, college physics, and accounting among others.
  • UdemyBecome an online expert and use their teaching platform to share your knowledge. You are able to set your own price for each lesson (ranging around $20 – $50).
  • Elevation Tutoring –  Online tutors are hired for specific subjects.  You will need to be on skype and to provide the hours when you are available when you put in your application.
  • Off2Class –  Tutors for every subject are constantly being hired. Tutoring clients range from grade school to college.  They also help with homework, study skills, and test preparation for standardized tests.
  • iTalki  If you speak a foreign language fluently why not use become a language tutor with iTalki.  The tutoring all happens online therefore all you need is your iPad.

9. Free Money -Making Apps 

If you're looking for a way to make extra money from your Apple iPad or smartphone, then you should definitely consider downloading these free apps available on the Android market or Apple app store.

Field Agent – Field Agent is a free app that pays you for completing a variety of tasks. The pay is typically between $3 and $12 per online task. You can choose to withdraw your earnings at any time via Paypal.

Easyshift – Easyshift is a great online task site that pays within 48 hours, via Paypal.

ibotta – This free app is like having a coupon book in your purse! Ibotta allows you to make cashback for grocery shopping at your favorite stores. You can withdraw your earnings once you reach $10.00, via Paypal, Amazon gift cards, and more.

GigWalk  This is a great mobile platform that connects you to the job that is right for you.  You can do the work wherever you are and you have lots of flexibility to get the work done.

Foap –  This app will allow you to earn money by selling your iPad photos online. Once you register, you will simply upload your photo. Buyers pay $10 for photos. You'll earn $5 each photo you sell.

Zappidy – This app will allow you to make money by completing a variety of tasks. You can only find it on the Apple Store. Most jobs pay anywhere from $2.00 -$10.00.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! An extensive list of money-making opportunities that can be done on your iPad. Did I miss any? Feel free to share them in my comments below!

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