15 Top Legit Money-Making Apps That Pay You Easy Cash

Do you spend a lot of time on your smartphone? Are you looking for ways to make some extra money? Then, in this article, I am sharing the best legit money-making apps that pay you when you make online purchases, make purchases in-store, take paid surveys, complete small jobs or offers in-store and/or online, and perform many more different tasks through them on your smartphone. With these apps, you can earn money from the comfort of your home or while on the go.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

The Best Apps That Pay You

If you need some extra cash, here are some of the best money-making apps that pay you:


Gigwalk is one of the best free money-making apps that pay you to complete quick jobs, called “Gigs”, in your area. A Gig can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours to complete and pay anywhere from $3 to $100, depending on the Gig. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Once you download the app on your smartphone and create a Gigwalk account, apply to the Gigs that interest you. The Gigs show up on the map and Gig list in the Gigwalk app. Once you complete the work and submit it via the app, and the customer approves it, you get paid directly to your PayPal account.

If you have a higher Gigwalk performance score (based on factors like successfully completing Gigs and your activity level on the app), it will increase your chances of being selected for higher-paying Gigs. You can work when and where you want to, so it is a great way to earn extra money on your own schedule. 

Ibotta App

Ibotta is one of the top free money-saving apps that pays you cash for items you buy anyway. Once you download the app, add offers on products you want to buy anyway. When you buy the products at any participating store, redeem your offers by taking a photo of your receipt. Submit the receipt via the app to earn cashback if the items you bought match the offers you selected.

Go here to sign up for Ibotta or read our review first.


Dosh is a free cashback app that allows you to earn cashback automatically when you shop and eat at participating stores and restaurants. Once you download the app, link your credit and debit cards to the app. When you pay with your linked card(s) at any of the thousands of participating stores and restaurants, you can get up to 10% cashback automatically in your Dosh Wallet. 

You can also get paid to refer your friends to Dosh. You will get $5 for each one that signs up and links a verified card.  Go here to signup!

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Rakuten App

Rakuten is one of the most popular money-making apps that has been around for a while. It gives you cashback for things you are going to buy anyway through the app. It is a great way to earn some extra cash. 

Rakuten gets a commission for sending customers, like you, to companies or stores it has partnered with. Then, it splits that commission with you. It is as simple as that. The app is available for both Androids and iOS.

Many people are making hundreds of dollars from shopping online through Rakuten and referring friends.

Go here to sign up for Rakuten or read my review here first.

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EasyShift is one of the legit free money-making apps that pay you to complete quick jobs, called Shifts, at local stores and shops. A Shift is a short, simple assignment available through the app for Shifters or workers to complete during a reserved period of time. 

To earn extra money with this app, you will need to complete simple assignments such as going into a specific store location and then completing a survey, checking prices, reviewing promotions, and/or taking pictures of products. Once you submit a Shift, usually payment will be made 48 hours after approval via PayPal.

This is a fun way to make extra cash while you shop, eat, and explore things in your city. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.



Foap is one of the top legit money-making apps that pay you to sell your photos and videos. Download Foap app on your iOS or Android device to make extra money with your videos and photos. 

Once you download the app on your smartphone, start taking quality photos and/or creating videos using your smartphone. Then simply upload your photos and videos to your online Foap portfolio. When an agency, brand, or just anyone purchases a picture or video from your portfolio, you split your earnings with Foap 50/50. 

Take part in regular Foap Missions where brands usually would like to see specific products in photos or videos. You can upload one or multiple videos or pictures and could win hundreds of dollars (ranging from $100 to $500) in rewards. These Missions have only 1 winner. If you take part in Premium Missions, they never require a specific product in the photo. These Missions have total rewards up to $2000 and always have multiple winners. Another way to earn money with this app is to add photos of other users to your album. For each of these photos that will be sold, you get $0.25.


RewardsMobi is a free app available on iOS and Android devices. It gives users rewards points for installing free apps, completing surveys, and performing registrations. Members earn unlimited points as by referring new users to the app who join under your referral link. You will earn 20% of lifetime earnings from every new user who joins RewardsMobi under your link. You can get even more points for successfully completing a certain number of tasks.

Once you collect enough points, you can redeem them for PayPal cash or popular gift cards including Google Play, App Store & iTunes, and many more.

Go here to signup with Mobi . It's completely free!

Zap Surveys

Zap Surveys is a free mobile app developed by Apps that Pay. It allows you to earn money by completing paid surveys on your smartphone. The app offers high-paying surveys daily. 

Zap Surveys pays users anywhere from $0.30 to $100 for taking surveys, depending on the survey. The app tells you the exact amount you are going to earn before even you start a survey. However, you get paid guaranteed $6 on your first survey. 

Once you earn $25, you can cash out via PayPal or Amazon eGift Card. Download Zap Surveys to take high-paying, daily paid surveys online if you are looking to make some extra cash online.

Surveys On The Go

Surveys On The Go (SOTG) is one of the best survey apps that pay you to take quick, simple surveys on your mobile phone. After you download the app, sign up for an account, and complete the demographic surveys. Then, you will be notified when paid surveys become available to take. It is an easy way to earn a little extra money. 

Once you reach $10 by taking simple surveys on various topics and issues, you can receive payment via PayPal or Visa, Amazon.com, or Starbucks Gift Card.


Shopkick is a shopping app that allows you to earn reward points, called kicks, for shopping, and completing other tasks in-store and online. You can redeem your points for a wide variety of gift cards to participating stores including Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Groupon, and many more. Shopkickers have already earned $78 million in free gift cards.

Once you download the app, you can earn reward points in a number ways like when you walk into or visit online a partner store of Shopkick, scan select products, view online products, purchase select items in-store with a linked card, purchase select items in-store and submit your receipt through the app, make online purchases, and watch in-app videos. 250 kicks are worth a dollar. 1250 kicks = $5, 2500 kicks = $10, etc. You can earn a ton of gift cards as a Shopkick shopper.

Field Agent

Field Agent app is one of the best money-making apps that pay you cash for completing simple jobs that you are already doing such as shopping in-stores, checking prices, checking in-store promotions, answering consumer surveys, etc.

You can download the app on your iPhone or Android device. There are lots of jobs available through the Field Agent app that generally pay between $1 and $12 each. Any job that you have completed and has been approved, any money earned from it is available to cash out via direct deposit or Dwolla.


Mobee is a free mystery shopping app that allows you to earn rewards in points for giving feedback about places you visit. You can redeem your points for popular gift cards.

Once you download the app on your smartphone, search for secret shopper Missions near you. Then, select a Mission from the map or list on the app and accept it when you arrive at the business to complete. Once you complete the Mission, submit it for review. If it is approved, you will earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards. You can complete as many Missions as you want each day.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an app developed by Google. It will reward you with Google Play or PayPal credit to take short surveys about various topics. Your opinion will help Google improve its products and services. 

Once you download the app from the App Store or Google Play, answer basic questions about yourself. The app will then send a notification on your phone when a relevant survey is available for you to take. It will usually send you short and relevant surveys around once a week, but it may be more or less frequent. You can complete surveys in your spare time to earn rewards. You can earn up to $1 for completing a survey.

App Trailers

AppTrailers is a free app that rewards you with Rewards Points for watching trailers of the newest apps. Once you download the app on your smartphone, watch trailers or videos of the newest apps to collect Rewards Points. You can also earn points by uploading videos and getting likes.

Redeem your rewards points for instant gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Sephora and Footlocker, and PayPal cash.

Final Words

If you have a smartphone, you can take advantage of some of these above legit apps that pay you. No application or experience is necessary to earn money with these money-making apps.

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Do you spend a lot of time on your smartphone? Are you looking for ways to make some extra money? Check out these legit money-making apps that pay you.

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