Fresh Work from Home Job Leads for Thursday, October 19, 2017

Looking for a work from home careers or jobs in proofreading, customer service, transcription, or reservations? If your answer is “yes”, you have landed in the right spot.

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Welcome to this week’s job roundup, where we highlight some of the best job opportunities and other employment from home To learn more about the different types of jobs available,  see my new work from home job directory.

Fresh Work from Home Job Leads for October 19, 2017


Nielson is actively seeking a Virtual Recruiter in the US. The job involves screening resumes, research, arranging interviews, and submitting quality candidates to hiring managers.  Go here to apply.


Gabbyville is hiring Virtual Receptionists to work from home in the US. No state restrictions. The pay is reported to be $9-$12 per hour. Submit your resume and cover letter to [email protected].


GoTranscript is hiring Remote Transcribers to work from home. This position is open worldwide. Go here to apply. More transcription jobs for beginners and pros listed here.

LionbridgeRead more

Lionbridge is currently seeking part-time work from home Map Quality Analysts in the US. All workers are required to work a minimum of 20 hours per week. Go here to apply. More part-time jobs are listed here.

Transcription for Everyone

TFE is hiring transcriptionists/transcribers worldwide. Schedules are flexible. All candidates must possess strong computer skills, Go here to apply.

Want to learn more about Transcription? Take this free online course at

Webpage FX

WebPageX is seeking freelance Copywriters and Editors to work from home. The job may involve writing blog articles, information guides, and more. Go here to apply.



This company is hiring for the following work at home positions listed below:


VIPKid is actively seeking part-time Online Teachers. You can set your own schedule and earn up to $22 per hour. Must have a bachelor's degree in any topic. Go here to apply.

First National Acceptance

This company has openings for Court Researchers in the US. You can make $12 per hour as a courthouse researcher. You must visit your local courthouse frequently to retrieve info. Go here to apply.

Word Express

This company is currently seeking Freelance Translators from all over the world. The need translators in the following fields: Law Legal, Healthcare, Foreign Marketing, Entertainment & Media, and more.

Opinion Outpost

This company currently needs Survey Takers. The minimum cash out for users of this site is $3 which is equivalent to 300 points. Membership is open to people from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other European countries. It is completely free to sign up and start making money.


UserTest accepts testers in the following countries: Africa Asia Pacific, The Americas, and Europe. This job involves recording your thoughts while browsing the internet. The pay is $10 per test.

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