5 Ways To Make Up To $20/hr Online with Clerical Work at Home Jobs

In today's FREE video post, you'll get the scoop on five companies that pay you for completing various clerical tasks online. Your role may involve handling phone calls, scheduling meetings, booking appointments, researching the web, and performing essential receptionist duties.

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Which Companies Offer Clerical Work from Home Jobs?

The following companies mentioned in the video are listed below:

1. Belay Solutions ( full review) hires Remote Assistants. Starting pay is $18 per hour. https://belaysolutions.com/our-company/work-with-us/

2. Virtual Gal (Full review) hires a Receptionist. Starting pay is $10-$20 per hour based on experience. http://www.virtualgalfriday.com/get-started.html

3. Fancy Hand (Read Review ) hires part-time Virtual Assistants. The pay varies depending on each task. https://www.fancyhands.com/job/apply/

4. 24/7 is a staffing agency. Starting pay $10-$12 per hour. https://www.247virtualassistants.com/careers.php

5. Vick Virtual hires Receptionist. Starting pay $10 per hour. http://vickyvirtual.com/join-team/


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