Best 7 Ways To Work from Home and Make Money for Google

Are you interested in working for one of the world’s best-known companies? Well, that is absolutely possible with these work from home jobs at Google that we’re about to list and they pay rather well. 

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I’m sure you already know that Google is the most popular search engine used by billions of users globally. Google and is one of the most relied upon platforms used to find out information.

With approximately 139,995 employees, Google is currently seeking to hire personnel for varying remote positions to make the company even more efficient. The seven types of Google remote jobs listed below can be found on FlexJobs, which is a reliable website for job seekers and other third party online job providers. 

#1 – Search Engine Evaluators

As a Search Engine Evaluator you are required to look at specific search results such as weather reports, web pages, and music on Google, ensuring that they follow a general guideline. 

You will need excellent research skills, have knowledge of current events and culture, be well-organized and provide accurate results to carry out the job successfully. 

It’s important to note that Google tends to hire a lot of remote jobs indirectly and a search engine evaluator is one such role. 

Companies like Appen and Teamwork AI and are reliable places to find Google work from home jobs. 

A great advantage of working as a search engine evaluator is that no technical expertise is required and no expensive software is needed.

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#2 – Ads Quality Rater for Google

When researching on Google you’ve probably noticed the different ads on your search results. As a work from home Ads Quality Rater, your job would be to use Google’s online tools to rate the relevancy of the ads compared to what users are searching for, and ensure the ads are free from errors. 

To qualify for this position you need a high-quality internet connection, a reliable computer or laptop, and a mobile phone. You must also have a strong knowledge of local culture and be fluent in your local language. This job is usually done online and pay varies based on your region.

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#3 – Technical Writer

As a Technical Writer you will convert complex information into easily understandable content for manuals, tutorials, user guides, and other written documentation. You will need a degree and some fundamental knowledge of computer engineering.

Being a technical writer for Google you will need to create different types of educational content which will act as internal user interface documents, developer documents, and deployment documents. 

Example of some of the technical writing jobs at Google is writing programming products for Google Maps and Google Cloud. So, if you’re a capable technical writer, this remote Google job may pique your interest. Visit their careers page and search “Technical writer” to apply.

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#4 – Data Scientist

If you’re a data expert with great analytical, a degree in computer science, mathematics, or statistics you can be employed remotely by Google to solve complex problems. 

You will be required to collect unorganized portions of data and modify it so that it can be easily used. You will also be assigned to improving and examining various products at Google. Data Scientists can work remotely for Google or in office and salary ranges between $139,000 to $169,000 annually with bonus and stock grants. Visit their careers page on LinkedIn and apply today.

#5 – Sales Engineer

There are work from home Google Sales Engineer jobs that become available at certain times. This remote position is a way to help influence customers to understand Google Cloud by emphasizing and clearly explaining all the technical features that will help make the customer’s work easier. 

A Sales Engineer collaborates with workers in product management to keep up-to-date with new trends and development for Google Cloud products. If you have this kind of skill then this is the perfect online job for you. 

#6 – Account Executive

If you have extensive sales experience you can do an online Google job as an Account Executive. Depending on your sales experience, you can provide sales account management services remotely to C level executives in an assigned territory.

You can also work online as a non-executive sales representative but would have lower level responsibility with the aim to identify and establish sales opportunities for Google products and services. Go here to apply.

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#7 – Google Adsense

If those remote Google jobs don’t attract you then you might want to make money yourself directly through Google. If you have a website or blog especially as a newbie then you could be leaving cash on the table. You could easily earn passive income by placing ads on your blog or website. 

Google Adsense will gladly pay you money to strategically put banner, in paragraph ads and even video ads on your site. 

It might not be much at first but as your audience grows the more you can earn. You can be paid via PayPal, directly to your bank account or if you are outside the US they even pay via Western Union.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to work remotely with this multinational tech company, consider doing additional research on these seven Google jobs. Make sure to be ready with the requisite skills and qualifications when applying.

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Are you interested in working for Google, one of the world’s best-known companies? Here are 7 ways to work from home and make money today!


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