Free & Flexible Transcription/Typing Jobs, Practice Tools, and Mini-Course (Video)

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Free & Flexible Transcription/Typing Jobs, Practice Tools, and Mini-Course

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Hey guys welcome. My name is Shay from Today's topic is going to cover flexible typing jobs. Typing jobs is definitely a really popular work from home job that I get a lot of requests about. I wanted to share with you guys some companies and some legitimate jobs that hire people to type and complete typing tasks from home.

Also if you are a person that wants to type, you would love to have a typing job, but do not feel that you can type very fast, I'm going to share with you guys some free sites that I personally use, as well as my little girl, we have typing competitions all the time, that will allow you to go onto their site and just practice typing. You can be able to, over time, improve your typing speed.

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I'm sure those sites will be very helpful for those, and for those beginners, that would like to dive into the typing field. In addition, I would like to share with you guys a free transcription course that is designed for beginners that want to learn more about how to become a transcriber. For those that are not really familiar with what a transcriber is, it is another form of the data entry but it involves you basically having to listen to a recording and then typing out what you hear into a word document or any type of file.


Sit back, get your notepad, and I will start covering everything that I mentioned before, so let's get started. The first company I would like to share with you guys is called Way With Words. You'll simply go to –Read more– and you will land on their official site. Now you can, of course, learn a little bit more about the company.

This company also will allow you to submit any type of projects yourself, say if you need some things transcribed or some type of audio or video transcribed and translate it into text, you can go on and submit your projects here. Now to find the jobs you will basically scroll down the page until you get to the link that says jobs. This is their hiring page here, so you can scroll down to learn a little bit more about why you should join. They have a little intro video here as well as testimonials at the bottom.

The main requirements that they look for is that you must be fluent in English, have great research skills, a decent typing speed of at least 40 words per minute. The pay is reported to be around $33 to $57 per audio hour. That means the actual full hour that you spent transcribing any type of file. It pretty much averages out to be around 8.50 per hour. The company does hire worldwide which is a plus. As far as equipment, you will only need high-speed internet and Microsoft Word.

Also, you may need messenger just to keep in contact with the management staff for any new assignments. To get started you'll basically click apply now and you can go ahead and follow through the application process. There is an online assessment that will be required, also an offline assessment.


The next company I would like to share with you guys is called GoTranscript.

You will simply go to This is a global company that also hires new transcribers and always really as actively looking for new transcribers to join their team. To get to the transcription jobs you will scroll down the page as well to the bottom here and click on apply for a work. As you can see there are transcription jobs available worldwide. They do have a little intro video that you can watch right here, to give you a little bit of information about the company. Then they also share what they pay and what you'll pretty much average to make, which is around 150 per month, up to 60 cents per audio or video minute. Then they have some frequently asked questions here, just in case you are curious about the company and want to learn a little bit more.

You can also click this button here to apply now. A couple of things that you must have is Internet access, the ability to type quickly, good listening skills, and you must understand English. They do pay every Friday via PayPal or Payoneer. So if you have any one of those accounts, then you'll be able to receive payments. You can either log in to your social media account, log in by email, if you have already registered, or if you do not have an account you can sign up right here.


The last company I want to share with you guys is called Quicktate. So you'll go to –Read  more– This is their official site. This is another transcription company that offers a variety of transcription jobs. The general, which is the basic, transcriber jobs and then you may have legal transcription as well as medical transcription. Now, of course, with legal and medical you will need to have some type of experience. For general transcription, no experience is required to work for this company.

As you scroll to bottom, if you're interested in becoming a transcriber, click here, you can click there. Then they also have another link here become a transcriber. You can basically click any one of those links to get started.

For those wondering if this company hires outside of the US. The website does not really state if it does or doesn't. But they do require you to have a tax ID number. So that may mean that it is probably not– If you don't have a tax ID number, it may not be available in multiple countries. They pay is around 25 cent per word and they do pay via PayPal twice per month.

You can actually go ahead and create an account here, a contractor sign up.

I would also like to share with you guys a few free typing tools that I think that will be very helpful for those that want to improve their typing speed. One that I love is So you'll go to This is their official site. You can click typing test.


Now, you do not need to register for this site but say for instance, if you want to save your progress and you would want to save the time what you are able to type, then you will need to create an account. But for the most part, you can basically just go on here and select whether you want to take a one-minute test, three-minute test, five-minute test. They will let you go ahead and begin typing. So you will have this little passage here that, as soon as you start typing, the timer will click down. I'm just doing a little demonstration, just to show you guys how this works. My typing speed is not the best, but I get by. I only was able to type 37 words per minute. Yes, I highly recommend you guys using this site to practice your typing speed.

You can also practice with your kids. Do little competition just to make it fun, to see if anyone of your family members would love to try to compete against you. That will help give you that motivation to keep it going. The last typing site I would love to share with you guys is called Simply go to Google and type in 10 fast fingers and this will pop up.

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As you can see here, you do not need to log in to this website, you can go straight on here and they have the words already typed out here, and then you just go ahead and start typing. Let's see how this works. Right, I think I'm going a little bit too fast. Okay, there you go. Even I did a little worse on that one [laughs]. Definitely feel free to use any one of those sites to practice your typing.

Transcribe Anywhere

The last resource I would love to share with you guys is a free transcription course, created by a lady named Janet at She created a website that will provide tons of information for those that are completely new to transcription and would love to know how to get started. I was just like you guys. This is one of the few courses that I highly recommend. Trust me, there are not a lot of courses and things that I recommend to anyone unless I completely trust that they will share some valuable information.

This lady, she does a great job of really just sharing with you what you will learn throughout the course. She's actually an expert in this field. She's made a full-time career at it. She will tell you the ins and out and what you need to know to become a full-time transcriber. To be able to not only work for a company but to offer your own transcription services. To start your own home business. I highly recommend you guys checking out this free mini-course.

I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video. Don't worry, I'll leave all details in my description box below. If your looking for any other work from home jobs,  make sure you “like us” on Facebook for more job alerts. I appreciate you guys for watching. Take care.

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