On the Hunt for a Flexible Online Job? Try These 12 Work-From-Home Roles

The hours in the day are going by faster, and at the end of each 24 hours, there’s often still so much left to do. Does having a nine-to-five prevent you from maximizing that time? Luckily, these 12 online jobs are perfect for you to swap a fixed schedule into one that is more flexible. 

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#1 – Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are one of the most flexible online jobs and are constantly in demand. The best part is you’ll be able to use up your talents in many different areas. From administrative tasks to content creation which is often linked to social media management. 

These companies offer flexible Virtual Assistant jobs:

#2 – Tutor

Be your own boss, make your own hours! If you’re good at different subjects like math, why not teach it online? This job is workable for those days when you’re not jampacked with activities at home. You can work solo or with a company to help students. 

With some tutoring companies you can work extra early in the morning and be done by 11am and have the rest of the day to yourself.

These following companies offer flexible tutoring online jobs:

#3 – Travel Agent

Not only is this a fun remote job, but it’s quite easy to balance into your weekly schedule. It can be both a side hustle and a mainstream of income. So, if you’ve got great people skills, a serious love for travel and enjoy networking become a work from home travel agent!

The following companies offer flexible Travel Agent jobs from home:

#4 – Freelance Writer

Here’s to an extremely flexible job you can do from the comfort of your own home, or on a beach or on vacation. There are no limits to where you can get the job done. You can write content on various topics or select a particular niche and be a ghostwriter for a specialist blogger or a technical journal. 

These following companies offer flexible online writing jobs:

#5 – Translator

Are you bilingual or multilingual? Becoming a translator will afford you those extra hours you deserve to get other tasks done throughout the day. Companies like TransPerfect and RWS hire translators worldwide. Tasks include converting written text from one language to the next or translating audio files into another language.

These remote companies offer flexible translation jobs: 

# 6 – Blogger

If there is ever a job that spells flexibility, it’s being a blogger. This remote job not only pays well with the right niche and an engaging audience, but you’ll be able to work on your passion. 

Create a website and upload great content on topics you love to gain dedicated followers. Advertising and affiliate marketing are two ways you can earn cash passively with your blog but offering digital products can increase your income even more. 

#7 – Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are constantly being demanded. If you’re familiar with software programs like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator you can do this as a side hustle or career. 

The beauty of this job is you can work as a freelancer from home by selecting your own clients and arranging due dates. 

These remote companies offer flexible graphic design jobs: 

#8 – Video Editor

Video editing is remote and flexible. Editors are usually tasked with editing and assembling recorded raw materials from camera footage, graphics, dialogue, sound and special effects. With the right editing tools, you’ll be the best at this job. Fiverr and Upwork are credible sites to check out for various video editing work.

#9 – Photographer

If you have a talent for capturing the most fascinating photos, this is a sure job to fit well into your day. You can sell photos online for portraits, postcards or even posters you can even turn them into merchandise and add them to print on demand products. Snapwire and Shutterstock are excellent to check out.

It’s a great stream of passive income and with the right equipment, and your artistic photography skills, this job is a piece of cake.

#10 – Transcriber/Captioner

This is one of the most flexible and easiest remote jobs you can do as a fast typist and even as a complete beginner. As long as you are accurate, have good grammar and can type fast you can do this fully flexible job. 

With more and more vloggers and podcasters creating video and audio content the demand for captioners and transcribers is always open.

#11 – Proofreader

If you’re eagle-eyed with excellent grammar and punctuation skills you can be a work from anywhere proofreader. With all the content that is out there online there are many places you can offer this service. 

For instance, you can proofread for bloggers, authors, lecturers, and students. You can also sign up to companies like proofreadingservices.com to see if they have suitable vacancies.

These remote companies offer flexible online proofreading jobs: 

#12 – Social Media Manager

If you spend your down time looking at social media, always posting pictures and comments, why not use that time to make money doing the same thing? 

Right now, in your very own community there are many small businesses that want to promote their business but do not have the know-how. You can offer to set up and handle all their social media as a paid package.

These remote companies offer flexible social media managing jobs: 

Final Thoughts

Having flexibility and wanting to create a good work/life balance is important and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to find a job that you enjoy and that fits around your schedule.

All the online jobs listed above allow the kind of freedom to work on your own terms so that you can spend more time with your family or do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

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 On the Hunt for a Flexible Online Job? Try These 12 Work-From-Home Roles

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