Erli Bird: Get Paid $10 to Review Products, Apps, and Websites Online

Erli Bird: Get Paid $10 to Review Products, Apps, and Websites OnlineI know you've heard a lot about a variety  of home-based jobs. And I also know you're familiar with sites where you can:

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But home-based work doesn't end there.

What I'm about to introduce to you is a little bit different from those works you're familiar with.

And what makes this so much different is that you earn money doing what you always do online.

Because it has popularly become many people's hobby to spend so much time surfing the internet. So if part of your activities on the internet involves:

  • watching videos
  • playing the latest games
  • looking out for the latest apps
  • or some other digital products

Then Erli Bird is the perfect place for you.

A Brief Overview of Erli Bird

Erli Bird is a beta testing platform where you earn $10 for giving feedback about other people's products and services, such as games, apps, software, websites, and digital products before they are released to the market.


You don't need any technical expertise, but you must:

  • be 18 years old and above.
  • be able to speak and write fluently in English.
  • own a PC or Mac or any devices required for a specific test.
  • have an active PayPal account – that's the channel through which payments are made.


How It Works

#1 – Register as an “Early Adopter”

Click here to register using your email address and fill out your basic information, which includes your demographic area, your area of interest, and the device you own.

#2 – Join a focus group

Focus group is where developer drops their product for feedback from beta testers.

In all focus group, you will get information such as:

  • product to review
  • kind of feedback needed
  • time needed for the testing
  • the reward for beta testing
  • demographical areas involved

Many paid focus group are strictly by invitation. That is, a member of the group must send you an invite in order to participate

The best approach to increase your chances of getting an invitation to new betas is to participate in open groups or non-paid focused group, and ensure that you give helpful feedback,

Your feedback history plays an important role in earning you an invitation.

You must be aware that focus groups are time span and it's also a first come, first serve thing. However, you must always be on the lookout for open beta from time to time.

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Mode of Payment

The highest you can earn for beta testing is $10, start from $0. Though it has been reported that some beta testing does reward as high as $15 per test, depending on the developer offering the testing, demographical area, and some other factors.

According to Erli Bird, Payments are made via PayPal 7 days after the end of a project. That is, when the testing or beta is over, and after which the product owners have reviewed, rated and approved your feedback.

Note that the minimum cash out is $5.

Final Thought

Erli Bird might not be a platform for you to get rich, but earning averagely $50 per month would be an extra bonus to your account – especially if you enjoy trying out new digital products.

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