Courthouse Researcher Jobs: 7 Companies That Actually Pay

Earning money online is an idea that many people dream of doing but are not sure what jobs are available to start. Depending on the skills that you have, you can find work in various fields that will allow you to make money in a number of ways. Working as a court researcher is one such position.

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What Does a Court Researcher Do?

As a court researcher, you would be expected to research and find information that is relevant to a case. This means finding information regarding lawsuits, civil records, deeds, tax liens, and more. If you are good at researching and enjoy finding information, this may just be the position for you.

Can a Court Researcher Work Remotely?

Since most public records are electronically stored, you can easily find the information you require by simply logging onto your PC from home. You will find that there will be times that you will need to physically go out and find the information at a local courthouse, city hall, or even at the office of the county clerk to obtain a requested public record.

What About Information… Is it Confidential?

Most information that is requested for a court researcher to do is not confidential. The most common requests are for information on mortgages, taxes, and misdemeanors which are all available as a public record. There is some information that remains restricted but the majority of records are not confidential.  

The government considers it public and therefore it’s available for public access. You’re encouraged to request records from public servants working in places like city hall, county courts, and the like for needed information. 

This type of information is of great value to various organizations and public government offices have no problem granting you access to them.

7 Companies Who Hire Court Researchers To Work from Home

If you are interested in working as a court researcher here are several companies that you can look into:

1. Jelly Bean Services

Jelly Bean Services offers work at home job opportunities for court researchers to find information regarding taxes, criminal background, legal information, and bankruptcy. This information is then sold to various clients who require it.

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2. First National Acceptance Company

If you are looking for a part-time position, consider working for First National Acceptance Company. You will be working within your county and the work will entail visiting various courthouses within the county and finding current information on real estate that is owner financed. They pay an hourly rate of $12.

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3. Deed Collector

This company pays as much as $20 per hour. At Deed Collector, you would be sourcing information that is usually given when someone files a deed of trust or a mortgage. Normally, this will take place after a person purchases a home or establishes an equity credit line. Check whether they are hiring in your region prior to putting in your application.

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4. Accurate Background

Accurate Background is headquartered in Ohio. As a court researcher, your work is to carry out background checks on a client’s potential employees. If you’re interested in a court researcher opportunity, visit their site and scroll down to “Jobs”.

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5. Information Technologies

With a client list that includes CPAs, bankruptcy lawyers, and mortgage lenders, Information Technologies is a company that is always looking to hire court researchers. 

Your main job will be to find and update liens, addresses, and tax records. Most of the work is done online but you may need to go out and find information that may not be readily available on the internet.

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6. Sunlark Research

Sunlark Research is a court research and data collection company that hires independent contractors to carry out various types of client research. Although not fully remote, work is flexible as long as deadlines are met. The pay for each document based on time and difficulty ranges from 25 cents to 10 dollars each.

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7. Sentinel Data Retrieval

Sentinel Data Retrieval is a company that hires court researchers to do extensive criminal background checks. The company provides wholesale background screening, has a high volume of work so are always on the lookout for dedicated court researchers.

If you enjoy research and can work within specified timeframes you can apply via their website. The application form is easy to fill out but to note, a lot of the vacancies are for on-site court research.

With these companies, you have a place to earn a regular income as a court researcher working from the comfort of your home and on occasion from nearby locations.

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If you enjoy the idea of pulling documents and completing miscellaneous office tasks, you can also consider becoming a virtual receptionist. These are popular work at home jobs for office professionals. 

Some duties may involve booking travel arrangements, setting appointments, making phone calls, etc. For more information, you can read this article on how to find virtual receptionist jobs.

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If you've always wanted to be involved in the legal field but still be able to work from home, consider becoming a court researcher.

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