Best 10 Companies That Pay You To Sell Old Video Games for Free Cash

Are you or someone in your household an avid gamer? If yes, did you know that you could be sitting on a goldmine and not even know it? You could start making extra money if you declutter and sell old video games that are no longer played with.

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Going through old junk in and around your home and decluttering can result in great money-making benefits if sold and you can use the proceeds on whatever you want. Clearing debt, adding to savings, purchasing something you’ve always wanted. 

Along with old gaming consoles, mobile phones, and other items, used video games are excellent items to sell as there is a demand out there.

How to Sell Old Video Games

So how can you go about selling these pre-owned games? There are a number of places to sell video games for hard cash or gift cards. You can trade them in at specialized gaming stores or sell your used games online on some of the popular trade-in sites. 

Selling your old games online is probably the easiest method compared to selling directly to a local store. Make sure to find the best places to get the most money and charge the least amount of fees. 

To save you time and prevent you from having to do the research yourself, I have compiled a list of the best places where you can get cash for your old video games.

As an additional tip know how to price your old video games. Use eBay sold items as a guide and also use the site to check the selling prices of video games in three categories, loose, complete package, and sealed new.

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Best Places to Sell Video Games

Here is a list of where you can trade-in your old video games to make extra cash. You should be able to obtain the best prices from the first three listed if you are prepared to do all the work yourself.


You can sign up for an Amazon trade-in account and start selling your pre-owned games to make money quickly. It might even grow into a great side hustle. If it does you may need to open a seller account which may take a 2-week qualifying period before you can begin to sell. 

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You can sign up for free and start selling your old video games on Ebay the same day. This is a popular platform that anyone can join to get the best prices for used items and start making money through a bidding process. Be aware that eBay charges a 10% fee on sold price for using their platform.


This is a dedicated e-marketplace where you can sell your used items. To start, sign up for free, create a listing by taking clear pictures of your used video games, write detailed descriptions, set your price, and watch as your items get sold.

Local Pawn Shop

You might not get the best rates but if you’re in need of superfast cash you might want to try your local pawn shop.

Walmart Exchange

Similar to Amazon, you can sign up for a trade-in account with Walmart and sell your old games and any other in-demand items you have on this online market platform and receive Walmart egiftcards.

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Sell you video games safely on this online site. Sell good condition pre-owned games and other electrical devices and earn all of the full listing price, no fees. Payment is immediately made to you via PayPal.


With stores all over the country, you can trade your used games at your local GameStop store. They do trade-ins on all kinds of electronic devices including games and consoles and sell them both in-store and online.


This is a very popular site used by millions of gamers where you can buy and sell video games, accessories, and even gaming services such as game coaching and gaming design. Once your video game is sold you can receive your payments by PayPal, bank transfer, and Bitcoin. 


This is a dedicated site for gamers who wish to sell old game consoles and video games. Using their simple platform get your games valued and receive great trade-in values. Once sold receive your payments by Check, PayPal, Venmo, or Amazon gift card.


You can sell a range of pre-owned items on Decluttr from books, cell phones, to game consoles. Using Decluttr is a quick and safe way to sell your used games online, ship your items for free and receive payments by the next day.

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Final Thoughts on Selling Old Video Games

With the choices listed above, there are many places that can help you to earn extra cash by selling your used video games. From very popular online sites like Amazon and eBay to specialist gaming sites such as GameFlip and eStarland. 

You can even sell your games locally online by using CraigsList, Facebook Marketplace, or a local trade-in store. Make sure to check online for a valuation before selling so that you can get the very best price.

If you found this post informative and have friends and family of any teens who’ve outgrown certain video games, why not share this post with them, It could even lead to a new side hustle.

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