Can You Really Make Money Watching TV?

A few years ago, it would have been ridiculous to ask this question.  Today, it is possible to make money watching TV. This may be one of the easiest ways to make money from your couch. In today's article, you will learn more about several sites that reward you for doing what you love, watching TV!

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

How to Get Paid Watching TV


#1 – Viggle App

The Viggle app is designed for Andriod and provides a platform for people to stream and watch TV. They have an interesting slogan: “Now TV Loves You Back”. Viggle is essentially a rewards program. It can be likened to those reward points offered by airlines.  The app helps you earn points while watching the shows you love.

The reward program gives you points when you watch TV. The more you watch, the more points you earn. In return, you can exchange the points you earn for a variety of gifts and awards.

This app is increasingly gaining popularity since it is very easy to use. All you need is to download the app onto your device at no cost. When you start watching TV, simply sign in through your phone and Viggle will immediately recognize that you are watching a particular show. Points are awarded based on the show you watch and the time you spend watching these shows.

There are tons of gifts that you can get through the points you earn. You can choose from movie tickets, free music downloads, gift cards, or donating your points to a charitable organization of your choice.

Download the Viggle App on Google Play or Android.



#2- NetFlix 

In 2014, Netflix made an announcement in London that they are looking to hire taggers. These are people who watch TV shows and movies and identify certain tags that can help categorize different shows. Some of these tags may classify TV programs as “sports comedy” or “shows with a leading female”. These tags are used by Netflix when advertising programs. Classifying them into different genres helps to determine the target audience. Tags can also be very specific such as “cool mustaches”.

This means that you can earn money from streaming live and watching content long before the content is made available in the public domain. All you need is to plan out a schedule. You can decide when and how you want to work. Yes, you have the liberty even to work in your pajamas.

If you wish to join the NetFlix team, you need to have a very analytical mind. You must also possess an eye for detail. They also prefer to work with people who understand TV shows and Movies. Applicants with experience in working for production companies or in plot synopsis are welcome to apply.

The tagging gig openings are normally announced on the NetFlix site. Keep an eye open for these opportunities as they do come and go. Remember that opportunity favors the prepared!

Check out the Netflix Job board for updates on how to be a tagger.


#3 – Swagbucks

Swagbucks offers another way in which you can earn bucks from doing fun stuff such as watching videos. Swagbucks offers an app where you watch TV and movie trailers online. However, Swagbucks is not just an app. You can also use it for browsing and other online activities.

You can take a break from watching shows by surfing the internet, shopping, and answering survey questions. These activities will also earn you Swagbucks points.

Swagbucks also offers numerous rewards and their point system is fair. This means you can earn more by using the Swagbucks App than other similar platforms.  Read my full Swagbucks review!

Sign up for the Swagbucks App!

Final Thoughts

Now more than ever, technology affords you the chance to make money without leaving your house or even your bed. If you love watching TV, someone is willing to pay you for what you love doing. It doesn't get better than this!

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If you love watching TV and critiquing shows from your couch? This may be one of the easiest ways to make money doing what you love.

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