Pleio Goodstart Mentor Review: Get Paid $14/hr To Help Patients with Medications

Now Hiring Mentors! Get Paid $14-$18/hr To Help Patients with Medications. If you have a knack for helping others, working for Pleio as a Mentor is a great way to help people with medicine regimens while making money online.Pleio is an established company featuring a list of GoodStart Mentor positions. Being a GoodStart Mentor is a serious job. It requires you to make sure that you are the best GoodStart Mentor to speak with the patients and contribute in their life. If you are looking for a platform to help people getting better, Pleio is an excellent option you can consider.

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Why Choose Pleio

Without any limitations from where or when to work, GoodStart Mentors are allowed to work from the comfort of their home. It’s a meaningful work opportunity you can avail by offering services to people for their good routines by reminding them about their medications and other important stuff. Through this worksite, you will be helping patients get into a better routine for their benefit. The job does not require any medical experience.

How it works

If you want to a part of GoodStart Mentor Community, you will initially need to sign up for the GoodStart Program. As a GoodStarter, you will be making non-sales calls and does not require to give any medical recommendations.

While having a conversation with patients, you need to review the Side effects of the medication and remind them of the right time of taking medication.

You are required to listen to the patient and report any harmful effects if the patient has mentioned it.

With Pleio you will be functioning as an independent contractor instead of an employee. As soon as you are asked to train, you will need a credit and background check of at least $40. However, a low credit rating will not disqualify you.


Key Attributes to start as a GoodStart Mentor 

Becoming a GoodStart Mentor is not an easy job. It requires multiple skills and experiences such as customer service experience, competency of working in a professional setting, good reading skills, familiarity with basic knowledge of operating computer, giving adequate attention to details which are told by patients, respectable in nature, sufficient patience to deal with every type of patient, and most importantly desire of helping people.

Working as a Pleio member

At times call volume does fluctuate therefore there is no guarantee that calls will be available to you all the time. Pleio provides you with two calling options. You are required to meet at least one of the options.

#1 – Landline

It’s a regular land-line phone call and voice mail.

#2 – VoIP

It requires a minimum of 15mbps internet speed of download and 2mbps internet speed of upload.

How much will you earn at Pleio?

Your income is entirely dependent on your performance and your services to the number of people. However, most mentors are earning $14-18 per hour. You are provided with the training which is unpaid. 

Note: All applicants are required to pay $45 for a background check.

How To Apply

If you are interested in this position, please start the application process here –

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