Legitimate Online Surveys – Get Paid for Your Opinion

Legitimate Online Survey Jobs - Get Paid For Your Opinion How valuable do you think your opinion is? Marketing research companies are willing to pay you for it. Using survey sites is just one of the ways you can get paid for your opinion but it's one of the easiest and most popular options.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

Taking online surveys for money is probably not going to make you rich, but it's an easy way to earn extra money to supplement some of your bills, pay for a nice meal out, throw toward debt, or even to add to your vacation savings fund.

Plus, it's convenient. You can complete paid surveys at home, during your daily commute, on your lunch break, while watching T.V. or even in the waiting room before your doctor's appointment.

Here at Dream Home Based Work we have researched and hunted down everything you need to know about taking online surveys for money and compiled a list of best survey sites to get started with.

How Paid Survey Sites Work

If you've never heard of taking surveys for cash before, let's go over how it works. Usually, brands will pay other companies to conduct marketing research for them. Businesses want to know what their customers and target market think about their products.

They even want to know more about their personal lives including their hobbies, household size, employment status, and current struggles. Doing this type of research helps brands market better.

You may be online or watching TV when you suddenly see an ad that really speaks to you. Maybe you love the product and its packaging, or you can relate to the people in the ad. Whatever the reason as to why you feel drawn to the ad, it's NOT a coincidence. That company probably spent a ton of money doing marketing research to make sure they craft that specific message and get it to you via that specific platform.

This is why survey companies are so important and valuable to these brands since they are a key component of their overall research strategy.

When it comes to using online survey sites, you'll usually sign up for free and fill out some basic information about yourself. You may be asked to take an introductory survey or complete your profile in order to earn points.

The earning structure varies with each survey site, but most will allow you to earn points or cash for the surveys your successfully complete. The points you earn can often be redeemed for cash or gift cards to popular retailers. Some sites will require you to meet a certain threshold before cashing in your earnings.

You want to complete your profile to the best of your ability and provide honest answers. The site will try to match you with survey opportunities that meet your experience and a pre-qualifying survey may be required to ensure that. If your profile is accurate and up-to-date, you can speed up the process of taking surveys you qualify for and getting paid.

Get Started with Paid Survey Sites

On of our favorite things about online survey jobs is that you don't need a ton to get started.  You just need a computer or even a smartphone and a connection to the internet.

No experience is required and some sites will allow you to complete surveys from your phone or device so a laptop may not even be necessary.

Learn more about taking surveys on your phone here.

One thing you do need is a basic understanding of how the survey site works and how to choose survey opportunities. Having a valid email address will help too and is often required.

Most sites will send you offers to take surveys via email. This is helpful because you can be notified when new opportunities come up instead of having to constantly check the dashboard on the site.

You can also take surveys online from all over the world. Here are the top global online survey sites.

How Much Can You Earn?

So how much can you really make taking surveys? This can vary. On average, you can earn anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per survey.

Some niche-specific sites that conduct phone surveys or online focus groups may pay more. According to a recent study by EliteSurveySites, about 70% of people make less than $100 a month. But at the same time, their team has made some additional statements based on other questions in the surveys:

“Most people consider paid surveys to be extra income.”

“78.5% of the people reported that they spend less than 10 hours a week on completing surveys”

“68.5% of the people are registered with fewer than 5 panels”

Ultimately, it depends on the amount of time you can dedicate along with the survey site but there are some strategies you can implement to increase your income. Check them out here.

Things to Look Out For

Taking paid surveys at home sounds easy enough, but there are quite a few scams out there to watch out for. First off, you don't want to sign up for a site that requires you to pay a start-up fee.

Legit survey companies never charge users. They are supposed to pay you for your opinion, not the other way around.

Another thing you might want to watch out for is how survey sites pay out earnings. Obviously, the best method would be cold hard cash, but some sites will pay you via gift cards to popular restaurants, retailers, or even sites like Amazon, Target, Walmart or Apple. This can be useful if you normally shop at those stores or you could even take surveys to earn Walmart gift cards each month so you can buy household supplies.

Another option would be to see if you could score a PayPal gift card. You can then redeem the card for cash in your PayPal account and transfer it to your bank. Check out 10 trustworthy survey sites that offer instant payments here.

On the other end, some sites may offer neither payment option and will only enter you into their sweepstakes to win prizes. I would pass on these survey sites because there is no guarantee you'll be compensated for your work.

What Are the Top Sites?

Finally, you may be wondering what the top survey sites are. Below are links to some of the best sites we've found that really make money with.

Feel free to sign up on as many sites as possible to maximize your earning potential!

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