7 Part-Time Online Side Jobs for College Students To Make Extra Money

College students are always trying to find ways to make extra money. This could mean working part-time at a local fast-food restaurant or a retail store but trying to get the work-study balance right can be difficult.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

Anyone attending college knows how hard it is to stay on budget and a way to solve this problem is to find an easy side gig to make money but where do you find these jobs?

The good news is there are 7 easy online side gigs for college students that will help you this summer and even throughout the upcoming semesters. 

Best 7 Easy Online Summer Jobs for College Students

Freelance Writing

Preparing and spending days writing term papers will get you good grades, but it doesn’t fatten your pockets. Why not use your writing skills to earn cash on freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr

These platforms have lots of eager buyers ready to use your skills, and the best part is you can work flexible hours. 

If you prefer you can find clients yourself using social media apps like LinkedIn. This is a great place to start, and it might even lead to a profitable long-term career path.

Tutor English

If you’re majoring in English or just have a great grasp of the English language, then teaching English is a side hustle that can be fun and can make you some serious cash! 

You can help both adults and children perfect their conversational English skills. 

You can easily sign up to tutoring sites like Tutor.com and Cambly as you require little to no experience. 

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One of the simplest ways to make money as a college student is typing as it will never go out of style. With fast typing skills and a good sense of grammar, you’ll be able to work and earn money as a transcriber and also enjoy your summer. 

You can work with companies such as GoTranscript, AlphaSights, and eScribers where you will transcribe lectures, podcasts, and other audio files. 

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Test Websites and Apps

If you’re good at reviewing and providing constructive feedback on websites and apps, why not get paid to do it? 

It’s a great side gig to start and you have total control over when and how long you work.

Websites like UserTesting, Enroll and TryMyUI are always hiring website testers so make sure to sign up to be emailed the latest testing projects. 

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Take Surveys

If your time is truly limited and you only have a few minutes to spare rather than hours, you can still earn money on the side by taking surveys.

If you’re an opinionated student and enjoy sharing your ideas, taking surveys is your chance to shine. 

You can share your thoughts on different topics, watch videos and play games by joining websites such as InboxDollars, Survey Savvy, Opinion Outpost and one of the higher paying sites, Respondent to earn gift cards or cash fast to cover any small expenses. 

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Virtual Assistant

Many small businesses are looking for someone to help them remotely for a few hours a week and you can do this as a virtual assistant.

If you’re a well-organized student you can be a virtual assistant and offer your skills and help business owners with social media, graphic design, content creation, and general administration.

Most clients do not require you to have a degree so you can do this during the summer and as a freshman up to a senior on your own flexible schedule. 

You can join sites such as 24/7 Virtual Assistant or Belay and get paid a good rate per hour.

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Baby Sitting

One job that you might not have thought about since high school is good old babysitting.

If you love kids, you can become a babysitter and rake in some extra cash for your college expenses. 

Not only is this side hustle lucrative in the summer, but you can do this all throughout the college year. You can even offer your babysitting services to on-campus staff.

Spread the good word to friends who know of families seeking a sitter to get jobs. 

There are official sites that you can sign up with such as Sitter City to get hired as a babysitter, pet sitter, or housekeeper.

Final Thoughts on Side Gigs for College Students

While making money as a college student is great, it’s not easy to work throughout a busy semester. 

By starting any one of these side hustles in the Summer it will allow you to work flexible hours which you can carry through once the college semester starts without having to sacrifice your study time.

Do you know any college students looking for the ideal side gig to make money? Then share this post for them so they can start earning for the Summer and beyond.



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