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Discover is an American financial services company known for offering banking and credit cards, money management services to their customers. They pride themselves in providing “a brighter financial future” to those in which they serve.

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Discover will often hire employees to assist with various customer and technical support but also have a variety of options in fields such as marketing, communications, human resources, data science and more!

Benefits & Perks

One of the many perks about Discover's employment opportunities is that they offer a variety of positions for the experienced professional as well as those getting started in careers like students and graduates from the U.S.A, U.K. and Asian Specific area through student programs.

As an employee, you can gain access to benefits such as 401k and Pension, Health Saving Account, Education Assistance, Commuter Benefits, Sign-on bonuses and more!

Work Culture

Similar reviews like Glassdoor also promote that Discover has a decent work life balance, team oriented work culture and is good at helping individuals build a good career foundation, which makes it a great competitor to attract their ideal work from home employees.

Job Requirements

Generally, for remote and other work from home roles, each department will have recruiters that assist to answer specific questions about additional requirements to help support your work at home experience. You can expect that your interview process will also be conducted in a virtual setting. Discover even offers tips to include on your resume to give you a higher chance of getting through the application process.

Minimum requirements include:

  • Being 18+ years old years of age.
  • General understanding of customer service etiquette (0-2 years of customer service experience)
  • Commitment to your work schedule and shift(s)
  • Open to learning new skills and training.
  • Degree OR equivalent work experience (for mid-career, advanced roles).
  • Minimum of 5 MBPS up/download speed from your internet provider.

Payment & Salary

Hourly rates and salaries at Discover will depend on the role, the division and the job requirements. On average a starting customer service role will begin at $17 an hour or around 39K per year, while mid-range career roles like Sr. Collections Specialist average $69k per year, and advanced career salaries like Content Marketing Specialist average $115k per year.

Application Process

Discover highly encourages applicants to apply for as many roles that they have interest in separately and assures that their recruiting team are adept at managing multiple applications per division. This includes notifications to let you know where you are in the application process, if you’ve been selected to move to an interview phase or if the role is filled.

To get started with current remote roles at Discover, these few have been pulled for you!

Technology and Engineering Division

Manager Application Engineer 

Cyber Security Engineer

Analytics and Data Science Division

Expert Application Architect

Customer Service Division

Credit Card Customer Service

Sr. Collections Specialist

Corporate Functions Division

Internal Auditor ( Human Resources & Finance) 

Lead Content Marketing Specialist

Ready to apply? Search Discover’s job board for more opportunities and appl today!

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