7 Ways to Turn Your Expert Advice Into Cash

Women with a bright ideaHave you ever thought, is it possible to get paid for sharing your expert advice on a subject you are passionate about. In these times, you don't need to be a college professional or a public speaker to accomplish this goal.

If you consider yourself an expert on any topic, no matter if it's health, beauty, or a number of subjects, you can earn money by chatting with people who really need your help. Some of the sites listed will allow you to set your own rates, then the company will deduct a portion of your earnings for maintenance. I have listed several companies ready to connect you with others, who are willing to pay for your knowledge.

7 Companies That Pays You For Sharing Your Expert Advice

Live Person is a reputable company that connects people who have questions with people who are qualified to answer them. You are able to communicate by live chat or by email. There is a large number of topics ranging from fitness and health, to science and arts. Liveperson makes sure all members are categorized based on their expertise. You are compensated on a pay-per minute rate which is totally up to you. Liveperson issue payments once per month via Paypal once you have accumulated $50.00.

ChaCha is one of the high paying awnser/question sites. Experts are able to answer incoming texts through their computer and mobile device. ChaCha pays anywhere between $0.02 – $0.20 per answer.  Payments are made once per month via direct deposit. Experts are able to cashout once they reach $100. Open to the US only.

Weegy.com  is a company where live experts answer questions from online users . You will have the ability to text, call or ask any question online for free. Experts can expect to average around $0.20 per answer. Weegy also has a point system for users. Experts will earn points for commenting, sharing friends, and more. This will actually help increase you earnings. Weegy.com make payments once you reach the payout limit of $ 20 .This is truly a fun way to make money online with no experience required.

Evisors  is a site that pays experts to chat with people about career decisions, resume advice, and job preparation. You can simply sign up by email or with your LinkedIn account. Once your profile is setup, clients are able to find you based on your profile, availability, and feedback. I was unable to find the exact pay rate, but will update this when I do.

JustAnswer.com will also pay you to answer questions online. This site is a little different from the others, since you are not paid for live chatting. Your role is to answer questions left by others. Experts can log in and out at any time and get paid for their expert advice.  Most experts make around 50% of what clients are willing to pay. Once your account reaches$20, you’ll be paid around the 4th every month.

Keen is a company that allows you to make money by giving advice to others by phone. The topics involve mostly psychic reading matters and will allow you to set your own rate. Keen gives you 62% of your earnings and the rest goes to connecting charges.

Esther is a unique site that goes by the motto ” Sell what you say”. Once you sign up with Esther, you are given a toll free number allowing people to contact you with questions. One thing you must be aware of is you won't be listed on their site, so promotion is totally up to you. You can advertise your service online through social media, personal blog, or by passing out business cards. The pay is based on what you would like to charge.

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