Success Stories: Share Your Work at Home Journey

This month I will be sharing two work at home success stories with everyone. The first one's from Keyshia, who's been a loyal follower on my Facebook page. Keyshia wanted to share her appreciation for landing a work at home job with Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

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The second story is from Mr. Dave, who is a loyal reader on Dream Home Based Work. He was able to land a job with Edegree (Read full review) and wanted to share his experience about the company.

If you would love to share your story with those that are skeptical about the idea of working from home, contact me today. I am always appreciative of the stories I receive. This keeps me motivated and I'm sure it will encourage others as well.

Success Story #1

Hi Lashay,

I just wanted to thank you for sharing the useful information in regards to Enterprise. I live in NC and applied for the Escalation Support position about 1 month ago and was able to acquire the job. I have been wanting to find a position that would allow me to use my Bachelor's degree while working from home. The starting pay in NC is $15.39 plus bonuses. I begin training this Monday!

Also, I have been taking advantage of slice the pie. They are now paying a minimum of 15 cents per review now which is pretty nice.

Thank you so much for sharing and changing the lives of others.

God Bless,


 Success Story #2



This is a bit lengthy but worth reading if you are looking to work from home and seriously considering applying to Edegree. It should answer most, if not all of the questions you may have. Most important, it's my honest opinions as well as the facts. I have been with edegree (formerly helios) for about a year now. I did take a short leave of absence to move my family to a new state, but was immediately reinstated when I settled in and was able to resume working. They did restart me, and therefore my hourly rate as a new hire, but that was discussed up front, and I was very pleased they felt I was a good enough employee to commit to allowing me to do what I had to do and return to work afterwards. The fact that they were flexible and willing to work with me was enough to gain my loyalty, especially when what was supposed to take a few weeks took close to 2 months.

I am not a manager there, nor am I affiliated at all in any other way with the company other than I am just one of their advisors. There are some requirements you must meet to get hired, which are all fair- computer, internet speed, headset, etc. Nothing you wouldn't expect from a work at home job requiring a computer and the internet to perform your duty. Training is quick and there is a lot to take in at first for sure. However, there is a TON of support during training (and afterwards as well). It's repetition, so after some time, it's not complicated at all. Keywords- after some time. You are not expected to be a superstar once training is finished. You must learn the process. It's that simple.

They have different levels of teams you graduate to based upon your ability to do your job and performance (it took me within 2 months to get to the highest graduate team of advisors). If you follow the training and just do your job, you will be fine. Its not necessarily a “sales” job as mentioned above, as you are not really selling anything to anyone, nor is anyone paying for the service you provide. You are basically finding schools that have education programs available which match the prospective students interests. Once you locate the schools that have the programs of interest, you can either transfer the prospective student to a school to speak with an enrollment counselor or get their consent for the school to contact them directly later on to provide them info on the program. While there are minimum performance standards the company expects, once again, you are not “selling” anything. It's a system, and if you “get” and follow the system, you will have no problems at all. I consistently outperform their performance standards simply by doing what I am suppose to. In my opinion, they have the performance standards to weed out those who “get it” and those who don't. Keep in mind, they are a business, and like any other business, they intend on succeeding. Not everyone is right for every job- bottom line, regardless of what industry or position you are in.

They start you at $9 an hour I believe BUT you can quickly get a bunch of raises based upon different requirements like longevity with the company and performance. I've always been paid on time via direct deposit, the 5th and 20th of every month. In fact, if those days fall on a weekend, I believe they pay you the Friday before. I'm up to about $12.50 base hourly pay (since starting over at $9 in May of this year, so about 6 months). I consistently make an average of a few dollars an hour more than that and I'll explain. First, there are daily and weekly incentives. Some are contests amongst the advisor teams and some are simply hitting a certain hurdle for the day, etc. In addition, there are incentives like working the last few hours of the day give you an extra $1 an hour over base pay, and if you work Saturdays, it's an automatic $4 an hour (YES, $4 PER HOUR) over your base pay. On an average week day, with all incentives included, I probably average at this point like $14-$16 an hour and on Saturdays maybe $17-$20 an hour. Sometimes, there are weekly companywide contests that have prizes of $50-$100 extra. They are based upon being the top advisor or advisors for that week in different performance areas. I have won those a handful of times so it's definitely obtainable for anyone and adds a nice chunk of change to your paycheck.

Remember, although I've been there a year, my clock “reset” itself in May. In my opinion, that's not bad for starting at $9 an hour 6 months ago. Listen, like ANY OTHER job or company it has it's days, BUT overall the job is fairly easy and rewarding, both financially as well as mentally knowing you are helping people further their education. In addition, support is ALWAYS a minute away through team leaders (someone is always available to help you if you are not sure of how to do something or just if you have a question). It is true, your time clock only ticks when you are on the dialer either waiting for a call or taking a call. It stops ticking if you sign off to take a quick break or whatever. As long as you stay on the dialer, which IS your job, you are getting paid.

I know working from home requires discipline, and if you constantly remind yourself you ARE working, and your is home IS your office, you'll be fine. Constantly signing off the dialer to do this or that around your house during your “work” hours will definitely reduce your pay and make you feel as if you are not getting paid for the time you work (someone in the comments section mentioned something about this). If you discipline yourself to take a few short breaks for the bathroom or for lunch or whatever, and treat your “home” as if you were actually working in an office somewhere, you will get paid for the time you put in.

Working from home can be difficult for some, especially when it comes to the discipline (kids, pets, other things you would normally do when you were home and not working) but if you can train yourself to ignore distractions working from home can be a wonderful perk and I believe edegree offers an excellent opportunity for those who are able to effective work from home.

Mr. Dave


Thank you both for sharing your work at home journey with us. If you have a story of your own  you would like to share, contact me. Best wishes to everyone!

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