5 Useful Tips for Starting Out as a Professional Transcriptionist

A professional transcriptionist will have to start somewhere. These top 5 tips are meant to help you jumpstart your #workfromhome career in transcription the right wayWith the various benefits associated with a career in transcription, a growing number of professionals are opting to work in the transcription industry. You will be tasked with converting audio files into complete and accurate text documents. Businesses across industries rely on transcriptionists to help them convert audio files, as well as poorly written documents, into professionally written texts.

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Like in any other career, however, a professional transcriptionist will have to start somewhere. If you are still a newbie in your craft, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities. From equipping yourself with all the important skills to making sure that you choose a good employer, these tips are meant to help you jumpstart your career in transcription the right way.

5 Important Things You Can Do To Become a Professional Transcriptionist in your Own Right

Practice on your Typing Skills

As a transcriptionist, you will undoubtedly rely on multiple skills, such as listening, grammar, and typing. However, exceptional typing skills are one of the most important qualifications you can have. You will need to possess a typing proficiency that allows you to work effectively on multiple documents within set deadlines.

Hone your Language Skills

Knowledge and skills in grammar, spelling, and punctuation are all indispensable in a career in transcription. If you must evolve from a beginner into a professional transcriptionist, you need to make sure that your language skills are up to par. Once a transcribed document has been saved and submitted to a client, it becomes extremely difficult to rectify any grammar or punctuation mistake at this point. Furthermore, a work that is free from any grammatical error speaks highly of your professionalism and attention to detail. These are two qualities that are sought-after in the world of professional transcription.

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Choose a Specialization

You may opt for a general transcriptionist job or a position specializing in various niches, such as medical or legal transcription. As a professional transcriptionist, you won't have to settle for a specialization. But it can be difficult for any starter to handle different and equally demanding types of transcription work.

If you have just started out in your career, it may be wise to focus on one job type first. An example would be general transcription. Later, you can work on adding more specialties under your belt or obtain specific certifications, such as those required for medical transcription.


Polish up on your Research Skills

Not all audio materials handed to you will be of excellent quality. Additionally, the recorded audio may contain certain slang words for which you may not be familiar. To verify such words or phrases, you will need to research. It is at this point, as a transcription greenhorn, that your research abilities will come in handy.

Choose the Right Company to Work For

There are various working platforms available to any transcriptionist who’s just starting out. Whether you opt to go freelance or be employed by a company, what is more important is choosing an employer that can help you grow professionally. As a transcriptionist, you would want to be identified with a trustworthy company. That way, you can deliver on their guarantees every single time.

Can You Have a Successful Career in Transcription?

As a professional transcriptionist, you can definitely have a successful career in transcription. In addition to possessing the necessary skills, it will be helpful for you to work with a reputable company, one that can support your growing career and provide you with a fair wage for all your transcription competencies.

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