Worldwide Work at Home Jobs

Find out which companies offer work at home jobs to people from around the globe. These worldwide opportunities range from freelancing, customer support, web research, and much more.

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Worldwide Work at Home Jobs


Fiverr is an online platform that allows freelancers from all over the world to sell their services to clients seeking what they offer. To be part of the site, you need to set up an account to be contacted by buyers on the site.


Humanatic hires call reviewers that handle calls from clients on the computer and categorize them as instructed. To start working for Humanatic, you need to set up an account on the site and have a verified PayPal account.


Ipsos is a survey panel that rewards online users for giving their opinion on their surveys. To become a member of their panel you need to contact them on their site to get information on the application process.

Global Test Market (now LifePoints)

Global Test Market is a survey panel that operates around the world and gives freelancers a chance to complete surveys while at home. To be accepted as part of the panel, you must set up an account on the site and be more than 14 years old.

Live World

LiveWorld is a company that hires moderators to track as well as review content when working from home. Applications for jobs advertised on their site are to be sent to their official e-mail address, [email protected]


Appen offers opportunities for home based opportunities such as web evaluators among others. Open positions are displayed on their website and applications are done on the same platform as well.

McGraw Hill

McGraw Hill is an online teaching platform that connects students and teachers in a bid to improve their performance. They hire for different positions and require you to set up a job agent on their site so that you can be matched according to your skill set.

Click Worker

Clickworker offers a platform to thousands of online workers to do a variety of tasks such as tagging, text creation and web research among others. To get hired you need to sign up on the site, complete your profile and pass assessment tests.


LionBridge is a company that provides translation services and marketing to various global brands. They hire for different positions such as interpreters and translators but require that you sign up on their website as a first step.


Usertesting is a company that gathers feedback on various products and services on behalf of various brands. They require you to apply on their site for open positions or send in your resume to [email protected].


Leapforce hires remote workers on a global scale to work for them on different projects focusing on search engine evaluation. They hire individuals with good educational backgrounds as independent home agents.

Clear Voice

Clear Voice give freelancers that have skills in writing an opportunity to create content for different brands. They offer home based jobs to writers from various parts of the world and pay well.

Nielsen Consumer Panel

Nielsen is a company that gathers feedback from consumers of different brands on behalf of their clients. They offer opportunities to people all over the world and list their jobs by region for easier access and sending in of applications.

Writers Domain

Writers Domain gives freelance writers a chance to make money from home by applying their skills. They are always looking for native English writers and those fluent in foreign languages as well. To be part of their team, you will need to register on their site.


One Space formerly Crowdsource provides content as well as data solutions to companies that need skilled workforce. They hire freelancers in copy writing, transcription, moderation and data but need you to sign up on their site before starting to work.


Textbroker is a company that offers high quality web content to companies all over the world. They hire writers to handle different assignments but require that you register on their site before gaining access to the available jobs.

Zero Chaos (Now Workforce Logiq)

Zero Chaos offers management solutions to the global workforce so that they can manage their employees better and their finances as well. They hire for different positions and have open jobs listed on their site to make sending in applications much easier.

Smart Crowd

Smart Crowd is a company that hires data entry workers to work on a variety of projects for their clients. They hire independent contractors and require that they be eighteen years and older to work for them.

Way With Words

Way With Words is a transcription hub that hires transcribers from all over the world. It is an entry level job as no experience is required to be assigned jobs.

Cash Crate

Cash Crate rewards online users that watch videos, shop online, complete offers and take surveys through their site. To start earning money you need to sign up on their site regardless of your location worldwide.

Mad Cash Survey

Mad Cash Survey is a company that pays online users for the surveys they complete on their site successfully. The surveys can be done on your mobile phone or handheld device and does not require any previous experience.


Quicktate is a transcription company that hires transcribers on a global scale to covert audio files to text. They hire transcribers with no experience as long as they can speak many languages and do their job well.


Rev is a company that offers services in translation, transcription and captioning to a variety of clients. They hire remote workers worldwide and you can easily apply on their website for their open positions.

Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me hires transcribers from all over the world to transcribe videos as well as audio files for their clients. To join the site you need to register on their site and set up account to have access to available jobs.


Upwork is a popular site for freelancers that are looking to offer their services to individuals and corporate companies that need certain tasks done. To find a job site, you need to sign up, complete your profile and bid for available jobs regardless of your location.


ProBlogger is a freelance job site that has listing for home based writing positions from companies worldwide. To find a job through the site you only need to view available jobs and apply.


Transcom provides a variety of support services such as customer care and tech support among others to businesses. They offer work at home opportunities to freelancers from different parts of the world and accept applications for open positions on their site.


Teletech offers translation and transcription services to clients all over the world. They also hire from many companies beyond the United States for those looking for opportunities to work from home. To apply visit their career page.


CCI is n international center that hires virtual agents globally to handle sales by phone in different languages. They usually have a number of openings that you can apply for by sending in your resume their portal.

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