Make Money Working from Home as a Mail Decoy Agent

Work from Home Mail Decoy Agent Can you really make money from home as a mail decoy agent? There is a great level of curiosity about becoming a mail decoy. Questions like, is it real or what exactly do you do are asked all the time. I must admit, when I first found out about it – I was a little skeptical as well.

Though these are not “jobs”, you can earn extra cash and points that can be redeemed for doing something as easy as “sorting mail”.

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Becoming a Mail Decoy Agent

After you have been chosen to become a mail decoy, you will start receiving mail at your address. The mail will have a different address, and possibly a series of numbers. Once you have signed up, you will need to notify your mailman that you will be receiving this kind of mail, so your mail person will not return it, thinking it's the wrong address.


You will then log each mail piece into the company's website each day. Simply filling out a quick form with specific details that the company will need. Being prompt is very important, as you must login each day to report each mail piece you receive.

You are required to store all mail received for 6 months, just in case they request for you to send in a specific mail piece. There could be various reasons but consider this part of the job and they will reimburse you for any shipping costs.

Mail Decoy Opportunities

Hausernet Decoy – They provide several tracking and marketing services for major national firms. You must report things such as the delivery date and condition of their decoy mail. You will earn $0.25 cents per piece of mail. I have seen several reviews online that some have had a hard time getting payment from Hausernet. I personally can't contest to that, but I would recommend doing your own research before signing up with any company.

Local Influencer –  You are paid a flat rate of  $15 per month. On this site, it seems you are basically giving them permission to market to you. Note: Due to costs, Local Influencer has put this program on hold.

Reportez – This company will give you a scanner to scan the barcode on each mail piece you receive. Even though you’re not paid in “cash”, you can earn points and redeem them.

SBK Center –  SBK Center allows you to earn points for each piece of decoy mail you receive. You can use those points earned toward gift cards.

US Monitor – This is a mail decoy tracking service, where different items are mailed to your mailing address, under a “decoy name.” You must log in each day on their website, even if you don't receive mail for that day, and are paid a small fee and for each piece of mail you process. Mail decoy agents receive a flat rate of $10 per month, plus an additional .25 per piece of mail. There's no guaranteed amount you can make, but I've heard some make as much as $100-$200 per month. How much you make, totally depends on the demand in your area.

Do you make money from home as a mail decoy? Keep reading…

If you’re currently making money as mail decoy agent, please share your experience in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you. As well… if you know of other companies that offers mail decoy work that I have not listed, let me know. Thanks in advance.

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