Work from Home as a Telephone Research Interviewer

There are several companies that hire home-based telephone interviewers to conduct research surveys for many Fortune 500 companies. Your main role is being responsible for collecting data for clients. This is accomplished by contacting the person by phone, reading a pre-written script and accurately inputting the information into the system. If a phone job doing outbound calling (no sales) is what you are searching, then this may be the best career for you.

Who Hires Telephone Research Interviewers?

  1. Apptical – As a telephone interviewer for Apptical, you will be contacting people who have signed up for insurance, inquiring about medical histories and other related things. Most responders are expecting you to contact them with questions, so don't worry about dealing with many irritated people on the other end of the line. The rate of pay is not disclosed, considering all Apptical employees must sign an NDA promising to not reveal that information. These opportunities are available either full- or part-time and a land line phone is needed.
  2. ORC International – This company works with many different Fortune 500 companies, and regularly needs home-based telephone research interviewers to conduct interviews. The pay is fairly low at $8.75 per hour; however, the work is flexible and many different shifts are available. The work from home position is not always available, so keep an eye on the careers page to see when it is.
  3. Maritz Research – Maritz Research is a research firm that provides different kinds of jobs; however, the work at home position is the virtual call center rep also known as the “virtual interviewer.” Maritz mostly ask the important questions, while doing research to find out exactly what customers are saying about a specified brand.  Maritz’s goal is to contact the clients who have received a service within 60 days and basically conduct a survey, which usually takes between 3 to 5 minutes to complete.
  4. The Center for Client Retention (not hiring at this time) – An establishment that employs individuals who are willing to work home-based conducting research surveys with consumers and business professionals. This is an independent contractor position which allows you to be very flexible and make your own hours. The rate of pay is not disclosed on their website, but you will need to have a bachelor’s degree or higher to be considered for a position. A land line phone is also needed.
  5. Voters Research – Voters Research uses freelance contractors to help collect information about voters. You will also need to conduct surveys on how the general public feels about candidates and political issues. Once you're excepted to the Voter Research team, you will be connected to a list of business numbers which are stored in a cloud based system. Most phone calls you’ll have involved political surveys or reminder messages for registered voters to make sure their vote is in. Since you’re not trying to sell anything, you don't have to worry about dealing with irritated customers on the other end of the call.

Do you currently work as home-based telephone research interviewer? If so, I would be glad to connect with you in my comments section below.

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