Become A Research Assistant and Earn Up To $2,000 Monthly

Become A Research Assistant and Earn Up To $2,000 Monthly Do you like reading information that targets entrepreneurs and business professionals? Are you skilled in collecting information online and putting it together in a readable format? If so, Ask Wonder has the perfect work at home job for you.

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What is Ask Wonder?

Ask Wonder is a company that offers personal research services to business professionals and entrepreneurs. Their vision is to help people save time by getting detailed answers delivered to their inboxes by a network of trusted researchers.

From the Company:

Wonder maximizes your earning potential by connecting your sterling research skills with eager clients, helping you build a top-notch portfolio. Make great money, improve your writing and research chops, and put your education and experience to good use. All from the comfort of your home.

How Does Ask Wonder Work?

As a personal research assistant at Ask Wonder, you will be researching questions posted by clients on their website. The questions are varied and can cover topics such as product recommendations, economics, technology, and business among others.

What Pay Should I Expect at Ask Wonder?

The pay is per each research assignment completed based on the complexity of the question. Researchers earn $15-$25 per hour with some performers earning up as much as $2000 per month. You will have full control of the number of research requests you want to work on. It is important that you are very active on the site.

What Type of Questions Will I Research?

Here are some examples:

  • What are the economics of Christmas Day?
  • What are 5 new trends in online food ordering?
  • What is the size of the market for a particular item?

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General Qualifications

Some of the characteristics Ask Wonder is looking for are:

  • Ability to create concise summaries that directly answer users’ questions
  • Deep understanding of a STEM field or have previously studied a technical subject
  • Must have a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise in several subjects
  • Must have a discerning eye for quality content and pay attention to details
  • Strong English grammar and writing skills
  • Must have critical analysis and logical reasoning skills
  • Previous experience working in a research-intensive role is a plus

Benefits of Working at Ask Wonder

  • Work from home or any location around the globe
  • Learn about new industries and sharpen your business skills
  • You can set your own schedule and have full control over the workload
  • Network with other research assistants

How to Apply

To apply for this work at home position, continue to their online application.  You'll find their Apply here to become an Ask Wonder researcher. You will then complete a trial search. If selected, then you are hired to be part of their independent researchers’ team.

More Companies That Hire Web Researchers

I recommend checking out FlexJobs. This is a membership site with tons of hand-screened job leads from reputable companies. They do charge a monthly fee but you can set your account to only use it for one month just to see if you like it. FlexJobs guarantees your money back after 30 days if you are unhappy with the site. Go here to see more web researching jobs!

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    This Post Has 18 Comments

    1. Matthews

      Hello Lashay H, I submitted my application back in the month of April and passed all the tests. Later on, I received a mail from Wonder Analyst Support that they have been receiving lots of applications from around the world, and that their sessions are oversubscribed and as such, they have put Wonder University on hold temporarily. When will they expect to recommence Wonder University sessions to onboard new analysts?

      1. Lashay

        Hi! You can apply by going to the link in the article above. Thanks!

    2. Adenle Yusuf

      Please this platform, how does it work for a man like me searching for a job,in the first time

      1. Lashay

        Hi! You ca apply by going to the link above in the article.

        1. Chasity Clark

          Everytime I click on the link it says that the page can’t be found

          1. Lashay

            Hi Chastity! Thanks for the update. I’ve updated the link.

    3. Bilal Nadeem

      ma’am I just want to earn dollars in Pakistan. So please kindly sort me some updated genuine websites. I will be very thankful to u. 🙂

    4. Alex

      This business does not fairly pay its workers. Researchers are at the mercy of reviewers, and if one small thing is not there (some information is unavailable and must be paid for on the internet) then the research and time spent are for nothing. Researchers can work for 3 hours and be paid $0 if it is not approved by these reviewers.

    5. Anne

      May I ask how long does it usually take for ask wonder to evaluate your application? I submitted my application last night and haven’t received any response until now. Also, they haven’t answered any of the emails I sent.

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi, Anne! Sometimes it can take anywhere from a few days up to months for companies to respond. It really depends on how impressed they are with your application and how many positions they have available at the time.

    6. Lorri

      Wonder is a legit company full of nice people, but you are not likely to earn $2,000 per month. The research takes a very long time to accomplish and the pay is so low that you may barely earn minimum wage in many cases. They tell you that most research projects take two or three hours, but in fact, they usually take longer, which drives down your hourly earning rate since each project you accept has a set fee in the $20s or $30s range or less!

      Most of the questions are tech and business-related and if you don’t have the background, it will take you a lot longer than someone who does.

    7. Helen Diakoumakou

      Hello, I’m Helen from Greece. I am reading your articles since last week when I found out about your website. I want to congratulate you for your passion and efforts helping people finding jobs. Keep up the good job!!

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