Kibin Work at Home Review: Remote Proofreading Jobs

Do you have the skills to be a freelance editor? Have you ever considered working from home editing academic papers and other documents? By the time you finish reading this review on the company Kibin you will be fully aware of exactly what you need to do to start working as an editor for them.

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What is Kibin?

Kibin is a professional freelance business that specializes in writing since 2011. They are fully equipped to provide services in proofreading, editing, essay writing and more. 

Their website has over 500,000 essay samples, lab reports and term papers. These research papers are available in 27 different focus subjects which are easily located on the site.

Because of all this researchable content many people use Kibin’s thesis builder to help form the base of their essays on various topics. 

The Kibin team is made of 6 main heads of business and a wide network of English-speaking editors, sometimes referred to as editing ninjas. These editing ninjas are located all over the world making them versatile enough to provide editing services 24 hours a day.

You can become part of the Kibin team by helping people become better writers, guiding them through a revision process, taking steps to inspire new ideas and developing their writing skills. 

How to Get Started on Kibin

To find a job working as an editor at Kibin you will have to check their website regularly to see if there are any job openings. Jobs are also posted on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor and many other recruitment sites. 

To get started when jobs are available you will need to create an editor account. You will then be required to take a pre-test which is on a timer. This is to determine your proofreading and editing skills. 

Once you have completed and passed these tests you will be asked to give some more details about yourself. This is basically requested to get an idea about relevant past experience. 

If the Kibin team decides you’re able to join, then the final requirement is for you to do a trial editing test. Please note that this will be an unpaid trial. Once you’re successful you will be able to choose your assignments and start working. 

One thing to be aware of is that Kibin does not guarantee you full-time work. So, you can always be engaged in some other form of employment and do your editing job with Kibin as a side job

As an efficient editor, you are expected to be a fast reader who is capable of spotting errors within the first review of a document and editing within the allocated time frame.

Who Will You Be Editing For?

You will mostly be editing for students. Based on the samples in the “Essay Examples” section and a section called Thesis Builder on the website there are papers on topics that are academically based. 

Many students often need extra help to develop their papers or identify areas that need to be structured well. We’ve all been there during our time in school and college so a platform like Kibin is super helpful.

There are also different customers who will have work readily available such as authors in need of your editing and proofreading services for their scripts, books and posts. Professionals in other areas of business also use Kibin editing services along with other creative writers who need help. 

How Do Editors Get Paid on Kibin?

On the Kibin platform, editors get paid by the hour. So, when selecting jobs on the platform you will notice that editing jobs with shorter deadlines are often more lucrative. 

This means that you’ll have to complete papers accurately and in a shorter timeframe, but you’ll also be able to earn more cash over an extended period and I’m sure one of your goals is to earn as much as you can!

Glassdoor has estimated that editors get paid approximately $70,000 per year however this figure is not very reliable due to a number of factors, such as: 

  • The amount of work an editor can complete on a monthly basis.
  • The amount of work available for editing.
  • The level of speed and accuracy of the editor.

There are also 10 levels of editing on their website but please note, this has nothing to do with categorizing your writing abilities. Instead, these levels are based on the commitment that you would have shown on the platform. 

The levels are actually based on the total number of words edited as well as the number of customer feedback received over a period of time. 

Each of the levels would then earn a percentage of what the customer is charged for the service. Basically, the more levels you qualify for, the greater your earnings will be per hour.

Reviews from those who have worked as work from home editors have shared that you can transfer earnings to your bank account as often as you like. So, unlike other platforms that need to process the revenues before making them available, you will be able to withdraw your money as soon as possible. Who doesn’t love that right?

Pros and Cons

As with any review a balanced view has to be given and to do this, I’m sharing both the pros and the cons of working with Kibin.


  • You are able to work from the comfort of your home.
  • You can create your own schedule.
  • You can select the assignments that best suit your expertise.
  • You can be located anywhere as long as you are an English speaker and or fluent in written English.
  • You can receive payment directly to your bank account as soon as your assignment is approved.


  • As an editor on the beginner level the pay rate can seem low.
  • There are 10 earning levels that depend on how much work you produce and positive client reviews.
  • Work is not always available which will limit your earning potential.
  • Some documents are quite lengthy and may be difficult to edit especially if English is not the first language of the client.

How To Apply?

If you found this Kibin review informative, head on over to their website for the latest job openings for freelance editors.

Final Thoughts

From the reviews, Kibin seems to be quite a good platform to get started as a new editor especially as a second job. 

As it relates to who qualifies to work on the platform you are in luck! The website has stated that editors who are living in different time zones outside of the United States and Canada are able to apply. 

So, if you are from an English-speaking country or you are fluent in written English then you can apply for a work from home editing opportunity at Kibin. 

If you found this Kibin review informative, head on over to their website for the latest job openings for freelance editors.

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