6 Legit Work from Home Job Search Sites Like Rat Race Rebellion

If you're looking for the most trusted work from home job leads, these online job board sites similar to Rat Race Rebellion are dedicated to helping you.If you're looking for the most trusted work from home job leads, there are many online job board sites similar to Rat Race Rebellion specifically dedicated to helping you.

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Job search sites can be a great place to start when you're looking for leads on employment. Working from home can help you establish a better work-life balance, avoid commuting, and spend more time with your loved ones. 

Instead of having to start your search from scratch, these legit work from home job search sites can help you connect with companies that will pay you to work remotely.

About Rat Race Rebellion  

Co-founded by two veterans of the work from home industry Rat Race Rebellion posts open positions for people in Canada and the United States. All job postings will have a click here link in the post that will lead you straight to the job application. Rat Race Rebellion also allows you to post work from home jobs for other people to apply for.

The first step would be to submit the job post to the research team to look into the position. They just review the postings and make sure it matches the type of job postings they promote. If it passes their review, the job will be added to the daily jobs section for no charge. For people who need assistance finding an online opportunity, Rat Race Rebellion does offer a course focusing on How to Find Work from a gig in 30 Days or Less for just $49.

More Legit Work from Home Job Search Sites

Here is a list of other places that offer legitimate work from job leads like Rat Race Rebellion:

Flex Jobs 

You can also use one of the more popular job search sites out there like Flex Jobs. They have many types of jobs listed including some that are freelance, part-time, and full-time. They do have on-site jobs as well but they are usually flexible and will work with you on the schedule.

The job board has had a nice track record of helping you find work for over 10 years now. Flex Jobs avoids posting jobs that are scams so that is something you won’t have to worry about. You can view a good amount of the job listing for free. However, to be able to view the full list of all 34,000 jobs from the almost 5,000 companies you will have to become a paid member. 

Start search for work from home jobs on FlexJobs now!


Penny Hoarder Work From Home Job Portal 

Find your dream work from home opportunity through the Penny Hoarder’s work from home portal. Simply search by either the state you live in or the job title you’re looking for. Some listings will include the hourly rate with the job title even before you click on it.

You can also see which options offer benefits before you go into the listing as well. This is represented by a heart symbol. Some positions only need workers from certain parts of the United States so keep an eye out for that while applying. 

Work at Home Mom Revolution

The Work at Home Mom Revolution provides remote work leads and resources that are updated regularly similar to Rat Race Rebellion. Their job leads page is a great way to find companies that are hiring for certain remote positions that you may be interested in.

If you're looking to start your own home-based business, this site also offers information on where to get training and tips to help you plan everything out and get started.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a work from home job search site that posts opportunities in a variety of fields like programming, design, copywriting, sales and marketing, and more.

Employers pay a pretty penny to post jobs on this site so you can trust that everything is legit. Users can apply for free.


With Jobspresso, you can find remote jobs in customer service, technology, marketing, and more. Jobspresso is all about providing the best scam free jobs out there for the people that visit their site. They do this by looking into the employer’s social media pages, reputation, and their website.

You can add a professional photo to go with your resume to help your chance of landing the job. Using Jobspresso is completely free for job seekers. You can follow their social media pages for daily updates on available jobs.  

Skip the Drive 

Skip the Drive is a free service for job seekers to utilize when attempting to slim down work from home employment results.  Both online work from home part-time and full-time options are available.

Skip the Drive has limited contact with the hiring managers with the jobs listed on the site, so if you are applying from outside of the United States you are suggested to contact the company first. Some jobs don’t have restrictions on where their workers live, but every company is different. 


Run your own business from home with Upwork. You get to choose which clients you work with and what type of projects you’re going to take on. The Upwork algorithms can highlight jobs that make the most sense for you which can help you find work rather quickly.

You have to submit a proposal and application for each project you’re interested in. All payments and invoices happen through Upwork. 

Final Thoughts

Finding work from home jobs has become easier than ever. The only issue might be being able to separate the scams from the real offers. Many of the job boards have figured out ways around this though and only offer legitimate work from home opportunities for job seekers. These job search sites like Rat Race Rebellion make it so much easier to find the type of work that fits your lifestyle without having to filter through irrelevant results. 


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