Bilingual Work At Home Jobs: 30 Trusted Sites To Apply with Today

Looking for a bilingual work from home job? Bilingual jobs can range from translation and interpretation to working in a virtual call center. With Spanish being one of the most popular languages, it is common for a company to offer a bilingual person more money. Listed here you will find a variety of companies that offer bilingual people home based jobs.

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Bilingual Work at Home Jobs


#1 – Direct Interactions

Direct interactions is a company that hires call agents to provide information to motorists that need their parking tickets resolved. They hire bilingual agents that are fluent in Russian and Spanish for hourly payment.

#2 – SYKES

SYKES, formerly known as Alpine Access, is a company that hires agents who are bilingual to handle calls from clients that speak a variety of languages. They offer jobs to work at home freelancers that are fluent in languages such as Cantonese, Spanish, and Manganese among others.

#3 – Cactus Global

Cactus Global hires bilingual freelance translators to work for their global clients. To get hired at the company, you need to have a degree and have previously worked in a setting where foreign languages were used.

#4 – Asurion

Asurion hires agents that are home based to work at their virtual call center in different parts of the United States. Bilingual agents are always encouraged to apply, either part or full time.

#5 – Englishunt

Englishunt hires ESL tutors to teach English to students that reside in Asia, specifically South Korea. Although they do not require you to have previous teaching experience, knowledge of the Korean language will give you an advantage over other applicants.

#6 – 1800- Translate

1800 Translate is a company that offers translation and interpretation services to their many clients. They offer jobs to bilingual speakers of languages such as Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, French and Dutch among others. Applications for jobs on the site are received by e-mail.

#7 – Certified Languages

Certified Languages is an international company that offers interpretation customer support services to clients in the United States. They often hire linguists that speak foreign languages as well as English on a regular basis through their site.

#8 – GoFluent

GoFluent offers a platform for students that are looking for a place to practice the English language that they already speak but are not very confident of using it. They hire home-based tutors to teach thirty-minute sessions and encourage those that can speak a second language to apply.

Bilingual Work At Home Jobs: 30 Trusted Sites To Apply with Today

#9 – Xerox

Xerox is an established company that offers a variety of products to their wide range of clients. They often hire home-based agents for their call center that are bilingual and offer good pay.

#10 – Multilingual Connections

Multilingual Connections is a company that offers work at home freelancers opportunities to transcribe and interpret for their clients worldwide. They work with over seventy-five languages and accept applications on their site.

#11 – Learnlight

Learnlight is a company that offers a platform for non-English speakers to improve their English speaking skills. They hire freelance tutors to teach students via Skype, phone and using their virtual classrooms for a maximum of thirty hours per week.

#12 – TransPerfect

Transperfect offers language solutions combined with technology to their clients from all over the world. They have open positions for linguists that are bilingual in the company on a regular basis, with applications being filled out on their site.

#13 – Century Link

Century Link provides various services such as broadband, video and voice services to businesses in many countries. They often hire call center agents that work from home and have a preference for those that are bilingual.

#14 – Connections Education

Connections Education is an education program that operates online and targets K-12 students in various states. They often hire teachers that can teach multiple languages such as Spanish, German and French.

#15 – LiveOps

LiveOps hires independent contractors to handle sales as well as customer service inquiries from their customers. They often hire bilingual call agents that speak various languages such as Spanish to help reach a wider audience.

#16 – BSG Clearing – VoiceLog

This company hires agents to take incoming calls for third party verification parties involving utility, cable and financial services. Pay is $8 per hour for English agents and $9 per hour for bilingual agents.

#17 – Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a company that offers a wide range of online services such as translation, captioning and transcription to clients from all parts of the world. They often hire home-based agents and in-office freelancers to work for them.

#18 – BSG Clearing

Voice Log is a company that hires agents to handle verification calls in areas such as financial, utility and cable services. Bilingual agents get paid more per hour than English agents.

#19 – 1800 Flowers

1800 Flowers offers seasonal jobs to call center agents that work from home. At times, they retain agents on a permanent basis, especially if they are bilingual.

#20 – Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone offers language classes to those seeking to have basic to advance knowledge of certain languages. They hire native speakers to teach with applications for tutoring positions being accepted after you set up an account on their site and upload your most recent resume.

#21 – iTutor Group

iTutor Group hires freelance tutors to help students that are not native English speakers improve their skills in their use of the language. To be considered for a position you need to have a graduate degree and possible have knowledge of another language.

#22 – Apple

Apple is a technology based company that has a customer care department run by work at home agents. They hire agents that speak both English and French as long as they reside near their Ontario office.

#23 – is a platform for education professionals to offer tutoring services to students in high school. They hire tutors that teach in English and Spanish but require you to be a graduate from a recognized university and commit to their schedule.

#24 – VerbalizeIt

VerbalizeIt hires translators fluent in more than one language to offer transcription services to their clients. They hire across the world and have a strict application process for those that become part of their team.

#25 – Arise

Arise is a technology firm that offers call center services to clients through agents that work from home. The firm offers their platform to bilingual agents as well and provides home-based jobs for them when they register on their site.

#26 – Verilogue

Verilogue is a company that offers medical transcription services in different languages. To get hired, you need to have previous experience, be a native speaker of the needed language and also understand English.

#27 – About En Espanol

About En Espanol is a subsidiary of the site that focuses on providing content for their Spanish readers. They regularly hire bilingual guides that speak English as well as Spanish for these positions.

#28 – Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels have a home program that regularly hires reservation agents that work from home, both in Canada and the US. Agents that are bilingual are paid better in addition to the training as well as support given by the hotel.

#29 – offers jobs to freelancers looking for positions in call centers as tech chat agents. They regularly hire home-based agents that are fluent in the Spanish language.

#30 – Working Solutions –Read more

Working Solutions is a company that offers car rental services across the US as well as Canada. They hire bilingual agents that speak both English and French to work as home based reservation agents and give them better pay.

#31 – Acclaro 

 Agency hires experienced freelance translators and other localization professionals to work from home.

#32 – iResponsive  

Hires freelance translators and on-site interpreters. College degree required. Email resume for consideration. Languages include English, Dutch, Haitian Creole, Korean, Hebrew, Farsi, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, French, Amharic, Portuguese and more.

#33 – CSC 

Company offers IT-enabled business solutions and services to businesses. Jobs in its database indicate whether remote. Hires for telecommute jobs in IT, management and translation.

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