Do Arise Offer Legit Work from Home Jobs? Let’s Review the Pros & Cons

For those of you of you thinking of working from home let me share with you all that I have found out about Arise, a virtual platform that you could start working for this year. 

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This in-depth Arise review will go through the what, where, why and how, and an honest review of the pros and cons of working with the Arise Work at Home platform. So let’s get started.

What is the Arise Platform?

The Arise Platform is a carefully designed business that operates to connect different brands with work-from-home service partners. 

Using virtual technology, they are able to connect different brands with thousands of service providers working in areas of sales, technical support and customer service. While working to help the many brands that millions of people love, Arise, is proud to have an A+ rating. 

If you’d like to be an independent worker then this is the best place to start. You could become a service partner and work from home with no fixed schedule or a boss always telling you how to do things. Sounds good so far? Well, let’s continue!

Where to Get Started?

To get started as a service partner you simply need to register on the website. Here you will need to complete an online form with basic information about yourself and verify your mobile contact and email address.

Next, you have to decide how you’d like to use the platform. You may decide to work solo by running a home-based business or you can opt to offer your customer support services to a company that has already established itself on the Arise platform. 

As you continue throughout the process details will be provided to you based on your selection. This gives you the opportunity to see all the projects that are available and the different brands looking for customer support services. 

It’s an excellent platform to work with because you will then have access to several projects called Client Opportunities to which you are free to choose the ones you desire. You can watch a helpful video here for guidance.

It’s like running your own business but with the help of the Arise platform so you can be way more flexible. Besides, working from home makes it even better to be at your best in an environment you’re most comfortable. 

Client Opportunities vary across different fields. It’s best to choose your client opportunities based on the area in which your home-based business operates. That way you are better able to offer your expertise. These include:

  • Home Improvement
  • Grocery Delivery Retailer
  • Cable and Internet Provider
  • Cruise Lines
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Major Theme Parks
  • Healthcare
  • Sporting Goods Provider

To qualify you also need to have the right equipment. That’s a reliable computer, noise-canceling USB headset, quality high-speed internet, and a keypad or headset phone. 

You can also download the System and Equipment Policy to see which equipment is compatible with the Arise Platform. Once you have done this, you’re already on your way within the qualification process. 

Prior experience in customer service is an asset but if you are a whiz when it comes to applying different communication styles to varying clients there is no doubt, you have a chance of being successful for the qualification process.

Why Do You Need a Certification Course?

When you’ve selected a client opportunity, you’ll be required to complete a certification course. It will prepare you to complete the client project you selected. Before you can enroll in a course however, the system is programmed to ensure you pass a series of tests first including a background check. 

Once you’re given the green light to go ahead, get ready to learn all you can. Courses usually last between 2 to 5 weeks. After certification, you’re given a Statement of Work (SOW) which is a contract outlining the terms of the projects as revenue and expectations of the client.


How Soon Will You Start Earning Revenue

Arise service partners usually begin to see a stream of income between 2 to 5 weeks. However, how soon you earn cash is connected to how fast you complete the registration process so don’t delay and get it done as soon as you can. It also depends, of course, on the client project that you select as some tasks may take longer than others. 

Pros and Cons

Like all good companies, there are pros and cons to working on the Arise Platform. 


The pros of using the Arise platform is that you can make your own schedule. 

Unlike companies that have a set timeframe as to when workers need to be online, you are free to create your own schedule that suits you. That way you can make more time for that family trip, mini getaway, running errands and navigating through a busy day.

It’s a big opportunity to be your own boss. If you are looking to run a home-based business the platform also enables thousands of workers to do just that. 

An added plus is their certification course. When you select a client, you’ll automatically be enrolled in a certification course. So, if you have little knowledge or experience in a particular area there’s no need to worry as you will be trained. 


There are a couple of downsides to Arise. Currently there is no contact number for the platform even though it’s a virtual setting. However, you may use the Arise virtual assistant which is a chatbot to answer any questions. 

The other downside is that only persons residing in the United States, Canada and the UK can work on the platform. The following states sadly did not make the cut. 

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Wisconsin

Final Thoughts

The Arise Platform is here to help you make the biggest change for a better living with a work from home opportunity. 

Hundreds of employees have voiced how pleased they are with the choice they made from moving out of the traditional workspace to now operating a home-based business where work-life balance has seriously improved. 

For over two decades, Arise has been helping people navigate the virtual world of work. If you’d like to become a part of a workforce that can help you be the entrepreneur that you were destined to be, invest in yourself today and register on the Arise Platform and watch as life becomes better with you in control.

Do Arise Offer Legit Work from Home Jobs? Let's Review the  Pros & Cons

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