Work from Home Insurance Jobs: 12 Remote Companies Hiring!

Many insurance companies have been advertising their work from home vacancies on a number of platforms such as Indeed, and Linkedin as well as their own websites. If you have experience in this field or have always been interested in working in insurance this is your chance to find the job that suits you. Here are 12 companies that are currently hiring!

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Sutherland is a global digital transformation company that posts vacancies on its website and also on LinkedIn. Remote positions in relation to insurance include customer service agents and life and health insurance agents. Check regularly on their website as these positions get filled quickly.

Willis Towers Watson (WTW)

WTW is a multinational British-American insurance advisor company. They provide consulting services in different areas and provide products and services to their clients to help manage risk and protect individuals and organizations. 

They have a number of remote positions in a few countries that range from client team leaders to pensions administrators within the insurance industry.

An additional positive with working with WTW is that they are welcoming of those who are classed as neurodivergent.


If you have a high school diploma and work experience in customer service, Farmers is a reputable company to try. Having a license and being multilingual as a representative gives you a major advantage increasing your chances of being hired. Check their website for any available positions.


Humana is a health insurance company located in Louisville, Kentucky. To find remote work you will need to select the state in which you live in the US. 

A few positions you can search for include underwriters, contact representatives, and multilingual medicare sales executives. Depending on which job you are applying for make sure to check that you have the necessary requirements such as a license.

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Progressive is a US-based car insurance provider. Their website displays a number of remote positions which include claims specialists, customer care representatives and sales representatives. When searching for jobs, ensure to use the keywords “work from home” or “remote” to find the different positions.


Cigna is a well-known international health insurance company has virtual positions that can be easily searched and found on their website. Just search under any of the job categories and filter using virtual or remote to find an online job that suit your skills

There are jobs available in different areas. These include customer service and claims, sales and business development, technology, finance and more. 

United Health Group

The United Health Group is an American health and insurance company that has been in operation for over 45 years and has offices in 34 countries. They have operated since 1977 offering not only insurance services but also health care products. 

To find work-from-home insurance jobs at United Health feel free to check directly through their website or advertised vacancies on Flexjobs and LinkedIn. 


Parollon is a leading healthcare provider representing a solid 10% of the industry. The most recent positions available where you can work from home are medical insurance collection specialists, underpayment analysts, clinical appeals RN and many other remote jobs in departments such as customer service, finance and IT. You can find positions under HCA Healthcare which Parollon is a part of.

Met Life

Met Life is a financial and insurance services company that specializes in health and life, accident insurance, retirement coverage, as well as employee benefits. The company tends to post vacancies in areas of inbound sales, product consultants and claims specialists. Frequent the company’s careers page to see updates on new positions. 


ING, a European based bank made up of over 57,000 employees is a great choice if you intend to find remote jobs in marketing, sales, customer service and insurance. To find virtual job openings check their careers page regularly for the latest updates. 


We all recognize the friendly GEICO lizard when it comes to auto insurance but this company also deals with property, business, life, travel and pet insurance. With such a selection you can start working for them right at your home. 

Just add the word remote in the search box under the careers page of their website and you will see listed various work from home positions that range from Tech to Auto Damage Trainee.

State Farm

As the largest auto insurance company in the US since 1942. State Farm offers both direct employee positions and independent contractor positions. There are various work from home jobs, for instance, claims specialists that are available at multiple locations and independent contractor positions as part-time customer service representatives. Take a look at their website for the latest remote jobs,

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in finding a job in insurance, you can start out with just a high school diploma and improve your skills by taking online training courses provided by the company. You can also choose to independently become certified and obtain a license to carry out certain roles within insurance.

Try applying to any of the above companies to get started in the hiring process and share this post with others who you think might be interested.

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