7 Best Tools to Proofread Website Content and Improve Conversion Rates

Your website content has to work hard to keep your conversion rates up. With so many competitors out there threatening to draw your readers and potential business away from you, how do you keep them glued to your site? These 7 tips will help you craft the best content, and convert those readers into all important sales.

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7 Best Tools to Proofread Website Content and Improve Conversion Rates 7 Best Tools to Proofread Website Content and Improve Conversion Rates

Spell Check Plus

This simple tool helps writers check their work quickly for spelling and grammatical errors. Simply paste your work into the text box, and any errors will be highlighted. You'll also be given any useful feedback needed, to really make your work stand out.


This iOS app is a great text editor for online publishers. The program offers a clean interface in which to write, with features such as a live word count so you can keep track of your work as you go. Once you're done writing and editing, you can publish directly to a number of blogging platforms, such as WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger. You can even download it onto your phone for writing on the go.


If you need your work copy edited in a hurry, this writing service can help you out. Send in your work, be matched with an editor within five minutes, and you'll have it back within 20 minutes. When you're typing furiously, trying to keep up with the latest news and trends, this service can be invaluable.

Boom Essays

Any successful business owner knows that the key to getting things done is to delegate, and in blogging that's no exception. This writing service can take in your extra work when you don't have the time to do it yourself, and give you top quality blog posts that you can then use on your site. Simply give them the topics you need them to cover, and they can get to work. Save time, and keep your blog running regularly at the same time.

Grammar Check

This simple tool allows you to check your grammar and spelling with just a click of the mouse. Paste your work into the box, and you'll get instant feedback, with any errors underlined. Mouse over the errors and you'll get suggestions on how to fix them. This site also features useful articles on common grammar questions, keeping you updated on correct usage.


Trying to keep up with everything you need to do can be difficult, and it's tempting to lets things like blogging slide, as they don't seem as important as your other tasks. However, regular blogging means higher conversion rates as your readers stay engaged with your brand, so stopping updates, even temporarily, can have a detrimental effect. Instead, ask this Australian writing service EssayRoo to create blog posts for you when you can't, and they'll write professional blogs that will keep your customers around, even when you can't devote the time to the site.

Ginger Software

The Ginger Page app is a great text editor to use for all of your writing needs. It has a real time spell check, so as you write, it finds and corrects any spelling errors you make. It offers other super helpful features, such as a text reader, to read your work back to you and highlight any issues there may be, and a personal trainer, to help improve your writing skills.

These are just a few online writing tools that can help you grow and improve your content writing skills. When you use them, before long you'll find that your conversion rates will grow exponentially. Try them out for yourself!

Mary Walton is a professional editor from Santa Monica. Read her recent ramblings on education on Simple Grad and follow Mary on Twitter and Linkedin!

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