5 Remote Online Night Jobs with Part-Time Schedules

Hey, welcome everyone. My name is Lashay from dreamhomebasedwork.com. Today, I will be sharing some online night jobs that you can do overnight or during evening shifts. All of these companies operate 24/7, so you will be able to work part-time or full-time, and they are hiring right now.

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Let's dive into the online night jobs that you can do completely from home.

1. WordVice

The first company I'd like to share with you is a global company called WordVice. If you have an academic background, you can work as a freelance editor, research writer, educational video instructor, freelance translator, and much more. You'll provide comprehensive and research services from the comfort of your home, including preparing and proofreading research manuscripts, assisting with well-written university admissions, and helping authors get published in top journals. Successful applicants may be contacted via email.

2. United Language Group

The next company to check out is United Language Group. They have an ongoing need for work-at-home over-the-phone interpreters proficient in various languages within the U.S. The company operates 24/7, allowing flexible schedules. Before acceptance, a language proficiency exam is required. Although the pay rate is not listed, those with experience are encouraged to share details in the comments.

3. ModSquad

Another option is ModSquad. If you have customer support experience and enjoy content moderation and social media management skills, ModSquad offers flexible schedules. You can choose projects to work on, and the only requirements are high-speed internet, a computer, and a quiet work environment.

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4. Cambly

Cambly provides an opportunity to tutor English to people around the globe. No teaching certificate or bachelor's degree is required, and the average pay is around $12 per hour. This work-from-home position allows you to set your own schedule, as long as you have high-speed internet, a computer, and possibly a headset.

5. LiveWorld

Finally, LiveWorld is currently seeking a remote social media and community manager for global brands. This is an hourly, flexible, part-time online night job with a starting hour rate of $22-$48. Qualifications include 2-3 years of experience in online moderation. The role may require working all hours of the night. To apply, submit your application here.

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