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Do you love taking photos using your phone? Would you like to earn money from those photos?

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Iconzoomer has made it possible for many people to make money from images shot on their phone. The origin of the mobile application is in the United Kingdom but is open for use by individuals around the globe. It does not matter whether your interests are in fashion, food, trends or designer products, your snapshots will earn you extra money. This UK-based mobile app is a great way to make extra cash if you have an Android or Apple device.

What is Iconzoomer?

Iconzoomer is a group where people share consumer activities through snapshots. The network encourages members to upload photographs of different aspects of their daily lives.

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How does Iconzoomer App work?

The Iconzoomer app is user-friendly and easy to navigate for beginners. If you have an Android phone, you can download the app from the Play Store and install it. For those with Apple phones, you can download from iTunes, install and begin to use the app.

When the application has been properly installed, you will begin to get assignments on your phone on an occasional basis. The tasks are usually varied. They can involve taking a picture of your lunch or shoes you are wearing.

Please note: You do not cash in on the app. You must confirm your photo uploads on the website to get credit.


How Do I Receive Payments?

Iconzoomer pays its members through donations, PayPal and gift cards from companies such as Amazon. The points earned for the snapshots uploaded to the site are exchanged for any of the rewards listed on the site. For every photo uploaded by a member through the Iconzoomer app, they earn five points.

Iconzoomer is based in the United Kingdom. The app pays members in Euros which can then be converted to local currency regardless of your location.

To earn a total of 200 points on the app, members have to upload at least 40 photos before earning the required points.

Payments to members that have reached the required amount of reward points are processed on the first day of each month. To redeem the points, you will need to click on “Use Credits” on your mobile app and select a reward that matches the points earned.  To help their members earn more, Iconzoomer has a three tier membership that offers a number of benefits depending on the level.

These three tiers are:

  • Gold – This is the highest membership level that is awarded to those that have uploaded at least fifty-one photos. At this level, members earn nine points for every assignment completed and photo uploaded. 
  • Silver – To become a silver member, you are required to upload twenty-six photos alongside completed assignments. Members at this level, earn seven points which are two more from the regular points awarded.
  • Bronze – This level is for new members on the site with the maximum points awarded for every photo upload being five points.

In general, getting up the membership ladder on Iconzoomer is the best way to earn more points on the site. To get to the top, you will need to complete each assignment as instructed and upload photos with descriptive tags. Even so, the gold membership is within reach for those interested in making money from the mobile app.

Getting Started

The application process is quite simple and involves providing basic information about yourself that is used to set up an account as your official profile on the site. Basically, they need your name and country, gender and birthday details.

Apart from those details, you will need to set up and e-mail and password specifically for the site.

Applicants are required to accept the term and policy of using the site before being allowed to join.

As an incentive to join the Iconzoomer site, new members are promised a reward of 100 €. The sign-up bonus has made it popular among mobile phone users that are looking to make money without much effort. Since the money is paid through PayPal, members can convert it to their own currency as they continue taking photographs of their daily activities.

Final Words

Iconzoomer is a legitimate mobile application that can earn you extra money by taking photos. If you're interested in the mobile app, simply download it on your phone and start taking photos and completing assignments.

Iconzoomer won't make you much, but it’s a fun mobile app to use even with friends. If interested in the mobile app, simply download it on your phone and start taking photos and completing assignments.

Do you know any other ways to earn money by taking pictures with your phone? What do you think of Iconzoomer?

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