Top 3 Basic Computer Skills To Master in 2016

Top 3 Basic Computer Skills To Master in 2016 The following is a review of top 3 basic computer skills to master for any individual that makes use of a PC whether at work or for personal purposes.

Over the past two decades, computers have gone on to become an integral component of our day to day routine. Even if you do not have to utilize one in your professional endeavors, you still need to process an occasional document or send an email to your family and friends. This makes it all the more necessary that you should be conversant with a few tricks, which can make using your computer a fulfilling experience.

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Computer Skill #1: Master the Art of Emailing

Emails have effectually replaced the traditional postal mailing system as the preferred mode of communication for many people and also business organizations. It is therefore always a good idea to know just what it takes to be proficient in sending and receiving emails. One of the most critical features of email is the ability to send mass messages to numerous recipients simultaneously. This totally does away with the need to jot down draft after draft of the same message that is meant for a group of recipients. To this end, all email applications come with the BCC fields, which allows you to input the addresses of all the recipients you wish to contact at the same time. You should also learn how to insert URL links in your emails, which can come in very handy if you want your recipients to refer to any given web page that may be relevant to your message. For more detailed elaborations, you can make use of the attachments function that allows you to attach many types of files to the emails you send.

Computer Skill #2 : Master the Art of Keyboard Shortcuts

it is quite shocking that quite a large number of PC users do not seem to know that there are keyboard shortcuts, which are solely designed to enhance their efficiency. This makes learning these keyboard shortcuts, certainly one of the top 3 computer skills to master in 2016, which will be covered in this article. Of course for basic computing needs, you will not be required to memorize all the shortcuts that come with these machines. But mastering some of the most essential will allow you to greatly improve your user experience. Some of the most commonly utilized keyboard shortcuts include Ctrl + C, which activates the copy function. Ctrl + V that initiates the paste function, Ctrl + X, which activates the cut function. Along with Ctrl + backspace that deletes whole words rather than just single characters.

Computer Skill #3: Master the Art of Touch Typing

Touch typing is a skill that you ought to be conversant with, even if you do not earn a living by typing. Learning to do this can go a long way in improving your typing speed as well as typing accuracy. In essence, by mastering the art of touch typing, you will be able to rely solely on your motor reflexes rather than your sight when you type. This will leave you entirely free to place your full attention and concentration on your computer screen instead of the keyboard. Ultimately when you master this basic computer skill, you will find out that you can significantly enhance your efficiency and also your overall productivity. This, in the long run, will make you infinitely more marketable in whatever career you might have set your eyes on. It is no secret that quite a large number of employers tend to have a preference for job seekers who have been able to master touch typing.

There is a wide variety of free online typing programs that have been specifically designed to help you in this process. Most of which begin by evaluating your current typing speed, before providing you with techniques that can significantly improve it. The minute you pass the typing test, you will obtain a certificate, which can prove to be an invaluable addition to your resume.

Well, now you know the top 3 basic computer skills to master in 2016 that can improve your user experience, and at the same time, also make you more proficient in using your PC.

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